[GB] Lumberjack PCB - through-hole 5x12 ortholinear PCB for 60% tray mount cases

Hello Keebtalk, a while back I posted a picture here of a little PCB project I had been working on, well now I’m running a small group buy for those who might be interested in their own.

  • Ortholinear PCB for 60% tray mount cases
  • Designed to be easy to build with minimal soldering experience.
  • All through-hole components, no SMD soldering required.
  • Get that visible component aesthetic in a standard 60% tray-mount case.
  • 5x12 (split Preonic) layout, full grid or 2x2u spacebars
  • Supports both USB Mini and USB-C.
  • Plateless or with FR4 switch plates.
  • $22USD / €18EUR + shipping

Europe & ROW: https://forms.gle/nzCqoxMh2LMvwJ6L7
USA & Canada: Lumberjack PCB Kit

I love my Planck’s layout but just sometimes wish I had a numrow, and I love my Plaid’s through-hole aesthetic but just sometimes wish it had a more premium feel, and I love my Let’s Split’s more comfortable ergonomics but just sometimes I find the having separate halves inconvenient.

And so the Lumberjack PCB was born. Through-hole visible component aesthetic, DIY build it yourself fun, standard 60% case support, split ortholinear layout.

More info: GitHub - peej/lumberjack-keyboard: 5x12 ortholinear through-hole component keyboard PCB for standard 60% cases
Geekhack GB thread: [GB] Lumberjack PCB - Extras Available

Group Buy details:

  • Group Buy open until 28th March
  • Paypal invoices will be sent after that date for non-NA orders
  • Kit production time expected to take 8 weeks after all invoices are paid
  • USB-C connector and FR4 plates are an optional extra
  • Microcontroller will be pre-flashed by myself with a bootloader and QMK firmware
  • Kits will be shipped via PostNL from The Netherlands or from ThocKeys in Massachusetts
  • Delivery times are expected to be long due to Covid, I’m expecting to have kits complete and ready for shipping in June
  • Weekly updates on progress in the Geekhack GB thread
  • Detailed build guide will be updated with images once I’ve built a test PCB from the production run: lumberjack-keyboard/guide.md at master · peej/lumberjack-keyboard · GitHub

Thanks for reading this far, have a nice day.


for 26 bucks i’m gonna have to buy this


Absolutely. I’m in.


got a black barleycorn so gonna have to get a white lumberjack. I’m about to own more through holes then regular boards.

Hey, wait. I don’t know you. How did you get my PayPal info so fast. What kind of operation do you run around here?

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Checked off all the things I’d want. You’ve just lured me into my first ortho board!


Thanks for your support guys, it means a lot.


Ayyy hell yeah! I loved seeing the first time this was posted on Keebtalk and I’m happy it’s moving to GB!

What is the screw size of the standoffs for the mid section?

I’m wondering if I can make something a bit more aesthetic for the mid piece


This is the my fecal matter.

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The mounting holes in the PCB are m2. You need about 10mm of height from the PCB to clear the components.

Thanks for the shout out in TWiK by the way, really made my day.



oh… ive never seen anyone put it that way :upside_down_face:

What about functional instead?

In all seriousness though it looks pretty awesome nice job! :slight_smile:

  • Any recommendations for a 60% case?
  • Do you have preference on plate vs plateless?

I second the plate v plateless question! As for 60% cases it looks like kbdfans has multiple materials that are your standard tray mount 60% as examples if I’m not mistaken

So many choices for cases, I love the Tofu for value and looks, but have my eye on a Klippe T.

As for plate vs plateless, I’ve been using the Tofu pictured above plateless for 2 months and it feels as solid as plated builds I’ve had in the same case. The plate I’m offering is a two part FR4, each half has a 5x6 plate, so it’s not going to add much stiffness across the board, it’s gonna help more with switch alignment than feel.

Personally I would probably go without a plate, but ~80% of people have said they want plates so I guess I’m in the minority.


Glad the GB is happening! There’s even a color choice… which introduces what we call “Qual der Wahl” in German :wink: Do you have the non-black colors as product photos? Specifically I’m interested in the blue version but it depends a lot on the brightness and saturation. (I’ll probably go for black after all, but can’t hurt to ask…)

I personally like the red one, has that old school electronics vibe.

The only pictures of the colours I have are the ones in the form. They are from other projects as I only have prototype Lumberjack PCBs in black. Plus my camera skills are not great so the lighting is probably not very accurate of real life.

Just a heads up, we’re going to have to close the GB early as we’ve had way more interest than expected and I have a limited amount of hands for putting kits together.

The US GB is already closed and I’ll be shutting the EU form in a few hours, so if you want in you’ll need to act soon. Sorry.


Ok thanks for the answer and the heads up!

Congrats. It’s a compelling project, and a great price.