[GB] Modern M0110 (closed)

Hey guys!

So after more than a year of working together with John/Heroyjenkins we’re both super proud to finally present you with the M0110 GB. Manufactured in LA, this board is made from 2 solid blocks of US aluminium and perfected with some amazing surface finishes! Scroll down for more info :thumb:

The idea

Like the name suggests, Modern M0110 is based on the legendary 1984 M0110 but with a modern enthusiast-focused twist. The OG M0110 is where it all started. Steve Jobs originally designed the this keyboard by hand to be sold with the first Macintosh in 1984, which on its own set out to change the world. Jobs famously chose not to use a nav cluster, which many years later inspired Eiiti Wada to design the now legendary Happy Hacking Keyboard. The HHKB not only grew a huge following within the community, it also pushed many enthusiasts to create customs boards like the Duck Viper. In short, no keyboard has a history like this one.

The case

Modern M0110 keeps the original iconic curves but adds some modern luxury. It supports standard 60% PCBs, support for both MX and ALPS switches and has a precision lasered top mounted brass or acrylic plate for the ultimate (fixed HHKB is in the works :wink: ). For Modern M0110 we proudly offer 2 surface finishes. Anodising is the smooth finish we have come to love on aluminium in the past years and will be available in a clean Silver or stealthy Grey. Cerakote is a different story, it is a very high-end finish used most on firearms for its incredible durability. We will be offering Cerakote in a classy and vintage Light Sand or a versatile Dynamic Black. Furthermore, for those who want it we will also be able to offer the entirety of the colours in Cerakote’s H series line! This will allow you to find the perfect match for your favourite keyset to make this board truly next level, never has a keyboard GB had this many colour options!

The extras

Just a couple cool extra bits here if you’re not completely hyped out yet :D. If you’re familiar with the original Macintosh packaging you’ll sure appreciate the box Modern M0110 comes in! Designed by the talented Garrett from Dixiemech, this box gives off a stunning vintage vibe while also offering great protection during shipping because of the custom foam inserts.

We are also offering custom engraving and are allowing people to reserve serial numbers, to make this board truly your own! Furthermore, there will also be a lot of complimentary items for sale along with M0110. These range from a USB C 60% PCB, foam inserts to dampen sound, a wide range of switches to a custom Cherry Profile ALPS keyset!

The vendors

M0110 will be distributed by some amazing vendors. Check em out below! :slight_smile:

Some more pictures


Does the keyboard include a PCB? No, we didn’t find forcing a PCB a good option considering what a wide variety of 60% PCBs is already out there. Some people want ALPS compatibility and will get ours, but some want per key RGB and get a Zeal60,…

How long will the GB be open? Until the 22nd of July!

How much does the board weigh? About 3.5kg unbuilt :wink:

Why is the EU pricing so much higher than the US pricing? To put it short, it’s a combination of expensive shipping from our manufacturer to the vendor and 21% revenue tax in the EU. We really wish we could get EU pricing lower, but sadly we already cut profit as far down as we could. If you think ordering from the US will be cheaper, feel free to hit up Deskcandy for quotes however we are not responsible for any import tax.


You’re making it very hard to resist this gb even though I can’t afford it. I’m looking forward to seeing all the builds posted once this ships and then regretting not getting in on it!

My mentality with GBs tends to be, buy now and decide if I want to keep it later (if I have the money to do so at least hehe) :grin: Selling in this hobby is very easy either way.

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Hah, my problem with that is I wouldn’t have the willpower to sell it!

This project makes me so happy, and is just heart-stoppingly beautiful. Tan cerakote?! :heart_eyes: And Garrett’s packaging. You nerds are very much after my own heart.


Apple’s design has a special place in my heart. :green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::heart:️:purple_heart::blue_heart:


Thanks man! Really means a lot!

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Anyone going with Alps switches on this hunk of beauty? If so, which ones? I’m tempted to desolder one of my AEKs to harvest the switches, but then I’d be decommissioning an AEK which just feels wrong.

Eh, many people have already desoldered AEKs for ALPS64s. There are a lot of AEKs, there won’t be as many Alps M0110s :wink:

Altho yeah I definitely agree an AEK is a nice board to begin with!

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ANSI/QWERTY only, I assume?

Pictures seem to suggest so but I couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere. :confused:

Nope! These are all the layout options for the default plate

There is indeed also an option for a ANSI/HHKB only plate, but that’s fully optional :slight_smile:

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Aw, no love for ISO-DE. That’s sad to hear.

Thanks for your reply anyway!

Huh? It has ISO support so you can easily fit ISO DE caps on here :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s just a representation of what physical layouts are possible, the legends on the keycaps depend on which set you put on it of course!

Sorry, my bad! I misinterpreted both the offer and your comment.

What I often find really difficult in GBs is to guess what the offer really contains. This GB says keyboard so I assumed it was a complete kit including caps.

Thanks again for clarifying!


I’ve held this board, you guys need to get on this.


I’m definitely planning to join before it closes. Just trying to decide on a cerakote colour. I like the look of the grey anodized, but am looking for a Cerakote finish. At the moment I’m thinking tactical grey (H-227Q)…

Yeah I can definitely seeing it being a bit conflicting. Anodising is just “very Apple” and a classic, on the other hand Cerakote is very unique and allows for a lot of colours. All depends on what set you want to use on it IMO :slight_smile:

How durable would you say the anodizing is on the Modern M0110? I’ve got a cheaper anodized case in front of me that has some scratches/scuffs, so my thought in terms of going with Cerakote was to get something more durable than the anodizing might be.

You know, that grey anodized case looked too awesome to pass up, I just joined and picked up the grey anodized case. Can’t wait to see it in person!

One day left!