[GB] Modern M0110 (closed)


A bit less than 48 hours leftover! We officially close at 11:59pm on Sunday 7/22 PST (west coast USA time) :slight_smile:


Joined last night. Excited, but feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse. This kit is so expensive.


What all did you go in for?


I got the $390 kit in light sand. I have close to 30 mx boards and only a handful of alps boards, so I decided on an alps build and chose to add on the alps throwback set. Then, I figured I might as well try a thick acrylic plate since I’ve never tried one, and added that and the spacer and an extra PCB. That way if I build something I regret in a month or two (usually how long it takes me to realize I do or do NOT like a switch) I can just swap out builds.

All in all it set me back close to $700. Yikes


Nice! It’s definitely a premium product. I don’t own any boards that come close to the weight of this case, so I’m really looking forward to having such a substantial build to type on.


Can’t wait for this one. After holding the prototype at the Bay Area meetup last year I had to get it. I had a hard time deciding but went for the sand color.


Hey folks, production is well underway, our machinist has two machines set up for the project right now, one for tops and one for bottoms :slight_smile:

Check out this raw metal! I personally love the raw toolmark pattern on the inside of the bottom section.


Looks really cool :+1: November cannot come soon enough.


Any updates on this? The pics from Aug 5 looked like things were cooking along nicely, but two months on I’m sure everyone would appreciate knowing where things are at.


Just got the email about alps throwback colors. Gotta say I’m not very pleased with the final choice. Looks pretty much like white and gray. I was expecting creamy off white and beige. The colors chosen dont really go with the sand color case.

The blue and red also look way too saturated. They look like cheap Unicomp keycaps.

Maybe it’s just the lighting. Maybe I just need more coffee.

Gray and white keycaps:

Original cream and beige:

I’ll probably try to swap case colors when all is done.


Wow, that is pretty bad. I am surprised that it was that bad.


quiet around here.