[GB] Momoka Sugar Orange Keycaps

Announcing the start of the group buy for Momoka Sugar Orange Keycaps.
Momoka is a brand new keycap manufacturer that created brand new OEM molds, resulting in super crisp, defined keycap edges.

Join the group buy and find more information here: Momoka Sugar Orange Keycaps [Group Buy] | Flashquark


Are the keycaps in the pics renders or the actual keycaps?

These look very nice and I’m pretty interested in these OEM dye-sub kits that big companies like Varmilo and other pump out because they seem to have good quality.

Does flashquark or momoka accept design submissions for sets? I don’t have any ideas myself but there is a whole other thread listing keycap manus and the way to submit designs (if possible) so we could add Momoka if it’s possible.

They are the actual keycaps!

Yep, dyesub definitely has a lot of potential to look really good if done well, and can have custom images and text added.

We work closely with Momoka as an international contact, so design submissions can be submitted through us for manufacturing.


@Suds looks like you can add Momoka and Flashquark as another option to your thread

Excellent. It looks like Momoka is the manu behind that set with the five-sided full color printing that impressed me so much. I’m delighted that they’re available.