[GB] Sorbothane Sheets R1

Hi everyone!

This is a little late because I had to confirm some things with the manufacturers, but it’s time to start collecting orders!

Order Form

Most everything you need to know about ordering will be in that order form.

Here are some notes:

Sorbothane sheets are best when they have contact with both the underside of the PCB and the case itself. Sorothane works best in terms of dampening vibration, so you’ll want to make sure those two make contact.

There are alternate ways to use the sorbothane depending on your sound preferences.

Some like laying a complete sheet down on the bottom, and some like using strips across the inside of the case.

If you have any questions, let me know!

I’ll be closing the order form in probably around a week? I don’t want to make this too much of an ordeal for myself for R1.

Edit 9/30/18: All invoices sent out. Order form will be closed at 10/1/18 at 6PM PT! Get any last orders in before I close the form :slight_smile:

Update 10/3/18: Order has been placed with the factory. Anyone with remaining invoices please pay your amount by 10/5/18. Failure to pay will result in your order being canceled. I will have extra sheets for sale after I ship out the GB units. The factory has some stock preproduced for me, but they will be producing the rest of the order. I’ll let you all know how long it may be once I get a timeline for them for production.

Update 10/8/18: Just checked in with the factory and the order will be shipped to be by the end of the month, so hopefully I can have all of the orders shipped out by the end of November! After I ship out all orders, I’ll have a few extras available.

Update 10/24/18: Sorbothane is currently en route to me. Shipping begins next week. Int’l orders will be charged shipping as orders are packed. Int’l orders have the right to cancel if they don’t like the int’l shipping costs. Extras will be available.


I’m in. Thanks for organizing.

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Hey, any chance you can tell me which one fits a TKL better ? I’m assuming 6" x 12" since I didn’t even know what sorbothane was until this post.

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In! Thanks for making this happen.

Just curious - any reason this GB appeared under Marketplace, as opposed to Marketplace > Group buys and pre-orders?

Good catch, I forgot to select that one haha

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Is Sorbothane particularly hard to cut? Opting for 12" x 12" sheets seems like a no-brainer.

what thickness are the sheets?

According to the form, 0.1" or 2.54mm.

doh. I must have missed that. I looked for it I promise!

edit… I see now. I was looking up in the description… silly me.

Sorbathane adds a pound. This stuff rules. Its easy to work with and cut. And typically costs about twice as much. This is an excellent idea and a great GB. Jump in.


Have no idea if I want this so I’m in for 2

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I’m in.

In for two 12x12. I could use some quiet around here.

I’m in - looking forward to messing with this stuff.

In for … a lot. I’m sure they’ll get used eventually.

entered, thanks!

In! There wasn’t an area to put an address if different than your PayPal. Is that something I should direct message you? If that is too much trouble then no biggie

You can PM me; but I’ll add a section on the sheet right now if you want to wait a moment and just add it to the sheet

I’m in for two. Thanks for organizing. Can you do a screenshot or video on how you laid it inside your nightfox ? How you managed to make contact between the sheet on the bottom and the PCB.

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Sorry if this has been mentioned already, but when do you expect the GB to ship out to CONUS people?