[GB] Sorbothane Sheets R1


also - when should I expect an invoice ?
How should I pay ?


If you’re looking to mod a board soon-ish, sheets at similar prices are occasionally available on Amazon through Isolate IT!'s store.
Here’s a link


I’m in. Thanks, Huey!


I don’t have a concrete date yet. I’ll have a good idea on timelines once I close this on Monday and put the order in.

Invoices should be starting to trickle out thursday/friday. I’m hoping to have them all sent out by Saturday. The sooner everyone pays, the sooner I can place the order.

I would definitely recommend these as well! Only thing for people looking at this I’d tell to keep in mind is the thickness as 0.18" is a bit thicker than the 0.1" sheets available through this GB. Measure twice, cut once :).


Awesome, thanks for putting this together! :metal: Will be putting my order in later tonight or tomorrow (whenever my paycheck decides to hit, LOL!).


I just measured the inside, and cut to spec. I can get you some pictures tonight if you’d like. I used a 6" by 12" for mine and just cut the excess off the length.


Was it between the plate and pcb ?


Please do post some pictures, that would be very helpful :grinning:


Invoicing will commence tonight and go through the weekend. The order form will close Monday 10/1. I want to place the order 10/3, so please pay in a timely manner. Thank you.

I’ll also have some pics of my sorbathane sheet in my nightfox soon.


Wouldn’t the 0.18" sheets be better between plate and PCB since plates are generally 1.5 mm and sorbothane is supposed to be squished a bit?


These sheets for R1 are just for between the PCB and case, so I decided to stick with the “0.1” thickness so people can use them accordingly to the available space they have. Some people have more space, some have less.

For R2, I plan on possibly offering sorbathane between the Plate and PCB, and for those I would definitely consider 0.18" sheets for people using 1.5mm plates.

Sorbathane doesn’t need to really be squished per say, just have solid contact between surfaces. Too much squish can be detrimental to the overall fit.


Ah alright. I’ll wait for R2 then.


I am uncomfortably excited to hear that a 0.18” PCB/plate option is still on the table for later rounds…


I hear ya. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been putting together a “silent” travel board, and I wanna do everything to make sure it’s ninja.


This sheet wasn’t the most precisely cut, but you can see how I did a basic shape and cut it out. The case did make room for the USB port so I didn’t have to cut out any excess there, but you could kinda see based on the height of the port I’d need to cut a piece of sorbathane out there if it did get in the way.

I know that the sorbathane is being pressed enough as all of the components are leaving their little marks on the Sorbathane.

I didn’t put it in straight, hence that little curve on the bottom. I could easily reposition it and there would be no issues there.

Measure twice, cut once :slight_smile:

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Invoicing is starting tonight! Payment due at the latest by 10/5, but please pay sooner as I hope to put the order in ASAP :slight_smile:


Thanks for the pictues, very helpful. Looking forward to seeing the invoice…


Hey @Manofinterests thanks for running this GB! I mentioned in the form that I’m international but I don’t see any shipping fee added. Will you be invoicing another one for shipping afterwards? I believe you’ve mentioned that in your form


HYPE (invoice paid and thank you)!!


Int’l shipping will be invoiced separately. I’m trying to get the lowest price per each person :slight_smile: