[GB] Sorbothane Sheets R1


Not sure if there is any videos or picture guides of how to install these sheets out there, but it is a fairly easy process. I just kept the plastic on mine at first, measured of the size of the inside of the case, then drew that out on the plastic with a sharpie & straight edge, then just used scissors to cut the shape out. I measured off & cut out the hole for the reset button & USB port in the same fashion. Next I peeled the plastic & installed it in the case it was cut for, used a razor blade to cut slits in the sheet to allow for the stand offs to come through. After that all I needed to do was push any bubbles/creases out from under the sheet to make it lay flat & stretch the sides a bit to make sure it was covering the entire bottom of the case edge to edge.

It should also be mentioned that this stuff is super sticky once the plastic is removed, so be sure to have it placed well in the case before you install the plate/PCB. In a good bit of cases there is just enough room for a sheet under the PCB & the sorbothane will get stuck rather firmly to the bottom of the PCB after the plate/PCB has been tightened down on to it. Anyways, I know a video would be better but hopefully this helps you out some! :metal:


Installed it for the first time in my hhkb yesterday and it was extremely easy (though I did have to shave off a bit near the front of the case to get it to close properly). It’s great, and I especially like the extra weight it adds.


has anyone used it with the plastic still attached with success? Just curious b/c I swap out my pcbs and cases fairly often and I still don’t like the idea of the sheet being stuck


@Manofinterests Any news on those extras?


Sorry I’ve been super backed up with projects, but hopefully soon?


Interested in application tips as well, particularly if it relates to placing it between the plate and pcb.

I’ll add my own. If you’re having any issues cutting the sorbothane, try putting it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. Even if you’re not having cutting issues, I think it’s easier to work with. Hope this helps someone.


I would be really interested in tips on how to apply it between the plate and the pcb too, I am thinking of getting two sheets one for between the case and pcb and one between the pcb and plate!


IDK man. Super sticky stuff on top of the pcb sounds like a nightmare to me. But if you decide to try it, let us know.


I’m kinda wondering if (in the long term) the plasticizer in the sorb ends up doing weird stuff to the plastics in the PCB.


Maybe attach it to the plate, rather than the PCB.