[GB] Sorbothane Sheets R1


think it’s possible SMD components like diodes and resistors can be torn away from the PCB?


Good question. I haven’t heard of that happening, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened to someone…

At least in the situation I described earlier, I didn’t think it was likely, but that was in part because I took my time - just enough force for the Sorbothane to peel away slowly, and no more - and in part because I’ve worked with it before, and while it’s sticky, I don’t think it’s quite that sticky.

With that said, I would like to try just leaving the backing material on the Sorbo sheet, to see whether that negatively affects the sound dampening. If it does, then at least we’re not in any worse shape since we can just peel the backing off to get back to the result we already had, and if it doesn’t, then that’s even better, since it would be much easier to work with if the keyboard has to be reopened for maintenance.

Another approach, which interested me primarily as a way to keep costs down, but which might also be beneficial for this potential adhesion issue, is to just use a lot less of the Sorbothane. I’ve been finding that only a few strips are needed between the plate and PCB to significantly dampen plate ping, and I think it’s pretty likely that putting a big sheet between the PCB and case is overkill. I’d bet a few narrow strips would buy most of the benefits, and I wouldn’t worry about narrow strips peeling away components from the PCB. Assuming that it does buy you sufficient case dampening, then the only downside I can see with this approach is that you would lose some of the pleasant heft that Sorbothane brings. So it’s a tradeoff.


thanks for the thoughts. Stuff to keep in mind once I get my sheets


Thank you Manofinterests for the time --coordinating this buy + fast shipping.


Thank you!

As an update to all, shipping did hit a small hiccup, but should only put the last order being shipped out a week out from initial expectations. Trying to get everything shipped out before Thanksgiving hehe.


Hi Friends,

Updating once again. Some more sheets have been shipped out, but last week was a lot slower than expected since I had the meetup this past weekend. It’s time to go full speed on shipping again! Dedicating time every night to make sure I have more and more sheets packed up and shipped out.


For those with larger orders, there will be a small delay since I have to grab some boxes for y’all, but it should be soon enough. Thanks for the patience everyone.