[GB] Sorbothane Sheets R1


Are these hard to cut ? the videos I saw on youtube of sorbothane seems to suggest they are pretty easy to cut. So wouldn’t it be possible to take a plate, put it on top of the sheet and cut the holes out ?


Scissors or a utility knife would make it pretty easy.


This is what I was thinking as well. Sure it would be nice to have affordable sheets that were pre cut to fit certain plate layouts. But given the huge cost @Manofinterests was quoted & how easy it would to just slap a plate on top of a sheet & use an exacto knife to trace it, I just don’t see the worth. Especially to those of us who will be using it. I personally don’t have any issue with DIYing a sheet for a build & suspect at least 90% of others will agree.


Update 10/22/18

138 lbs of Sorbothane is ready to ship out to me :o


I’m not in the group buy, but I hope we get to see what 138lbs of sorbothane looks like. :joy:


Is that for the GB, or just for that editing station? :grinning:


Unfortunately missed the GB, but ended up ordering 0.188 thick sheets on amazon. I have discovered that this is too thick for my Whitefox which has a USB-C cable, but fits well on my Minivan which has a USB-Mini.

From what I saw, I don’t believe it would matter what the case, pcb, or plate thickness you use. I’m fairly certain the real factor on which thickness to use is the USB connector, unless there is a bottom cutout the connector that allows it to sit extra low in the case.


In case you’re wondering, 1/10″ is the perfect sheet thickness for WhiteFox/NightFox.


I figured as much, hopefully I’ll catch the next gb


Extras will be available after I finish shipping GB units


Some (not all) of the sorbothane arrived today :slight_smile:


Sweet, can’t wait to get my sheet so I can rebuild my Nightfox! I am really liking the layout of it, but the thin light case leaves something to be desired in the acoustics & I used old stock BOX Royals (surprisingly they are not for me & the whole stem cracking thing) on the original build. Gonna tear it apart, put some Outemu Skies with Halo stems in it, & use part of my sheet as the sound dampening material for it. I think that should make it line up with my preferences much better!


I just got 1/2 of my 50 lb boxes in today! Shipping will commence Monday. Bit by bit so please be patient :). I’ll try my best to have them all out before I leave for NorCal meetup.


great to hear, looking forward to getting my order!


Progress report for everyone:

Still waiting on the last big box, but packing and shipping has commenced.

Going at a pace of at least a half dozen orders a night. 6 x 5 = 30+ orders shipped out a week. There were about 80ish orders; so I should have these done either by, or right after the Bay Area Mechanical Keyboard Meetup next week.


Sounds good Huey! Thanks for the update


I don’t know what the crossover for people are but;

If you are attending the Bay Area Mechanical Keyboard meetup, you can pick it up from me there if you’d like. Please let me know if that is what you’d prefer.


I got my sheet today. Quick question: Is this stuff easily removable down the road? It feels a bit stickier than I expected.


I finished a build a couple of weeks ago on an 1800 where I had a layer of Sorbothane making solid contact with both the PCB and the case, and after a few days, I had to go back in to do some fine tuning. The Sorbo was pretty solidly stuck to both surfaces, but I found that by prying with steady, level pressure, eventually the Sorbo started to peel away from one side, and by maintaining the steady prying force, eventually one side peeled away cleanly. From there, I was able to manually peel it away from the other side.

So, if by ‘easily removable’ you mean ‘cleanly without residue’, yes. If you mean ‘without much force or care’, probably not.

Some people just leave the backing on both sides of the sheet when they put it in the case, to avoid the problem entirely. I’ve never tried that.


Looks like folks are getting their sheets in. Were these sent out with tracking, or will it be a surprise? All good, I just didn’t know if mine was on the way or will be soon.