[GB] the Heavy-9: aftermarket housing for the Leopold FC980C and FC980M

moving down to LA ? Orange County. Noooooo.

Indeed. Not my favorite activity either. But I’m looking forward to living somewhere slightly less boring. Silicon Valley is one of the nicest suburbs in America, but it’s still a suburb.

I did look at Orange County seriously, as it’s actually a place I really like. But ultimately decided to go for living in LA proper.

I can’t wait. We’re moving out just over a week from now, and then we’re going to go chill in Palm Springs for a few weeks while they get the LA house ready. NorCal has prepped me for it, but I’m very keen to go into full “endless summer” mode—especially as a recovering Bostonian.

Hopefully the day will come when we can have SoCal keyboard meetups again! :roll_eyes:


Oh my. I lived in both norcal and socal but currently reside in norcal. What is attracting you to move to LA proper?

I’m a NorCal native and will likely stay put for the foreseeable future - but if something in SoCal could tempt me, it would be the prevalence of spectacular Korean food :slight_smile:

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Nice. Palm Springs is good fun but can get brutally hot this time of year. I take my wife and kids to La Quinta at least once a year to stay at the resort there, but downtown PS is definitely the place to be. Lots of swanky hotels and vintage mid-modern stuff to look at.

Yes, can’t wait for So Cal meetups to start back up!

For those still needing one, it seems that mechanicalkeyboards.com has restocked fc980c’s

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trying to stop myself from ordering a second one just to get the ivory keycaps :slight_smile:

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Yeah I couldn’t resist.

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Just received my FC980C 45g, I’m glad that I chose the 45g because the 45g seems super light for me I can’t imagine how much more lighter the 30g are.

I have a 30g as well as 45g (and an 87u with 45g).

The 30g are so light that my default typing position is such that I accidentally press keys with the hand not typing.

I love the 45g but I’m also looking for some heavier replacement domes to try out.

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Oh, at work I’m typing on my 87U 55g. At first it seemed a little heavy but got used to it after a while. So the 45g that I have on my FC980C its noticeable different. I’m thinking a 50g, not sure if they even make it, but would be perfect.

I’d like to try the 30g sheet if you wanna get rid of it :slight_smile: thanks

I recently just received my 45g FC980C, and I have to say this is probably the lightest stock 45g domes I’ve felt thus far. It feels similar to a broken-in 45g 87U. I can get used to this, but I might dome swap with my Type Heaven later down the line.

The sound is also a bit inconsistent as it reaches R4. I could hear more spring ping on R4. The case is probably not as tight as a Realforce, which sounded much more consistent at full-size.

As for wanting a 50g dome, you can probably get that feeling from a dyesub FC660C or a full-sized Realforce 45g.

Here is my list from heaviest to lightest feeling:

RF 87u 55g > FC660C dyesub 45g > RF 104UB-DK 45g > RF RGB TKL 45g > Topre Type Heaven 45g > FC660C printed (OG) 45g > HHKB Pro 2 45g > RF 87u 45g (EK edition) > FC980C 45g

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I heard a lot of spring ping in my 45g FC980C as well. Not particularly loud or anything, but noticeable when listened for. Particularly in the bottom row, as you mention.

One solution presented here is to literally lube the PCB, which I think is more commonly done now. It’s also the method espoused by @BuddyOG in his Topre Modifications Guide (thin layer of Super Lube in his case).

Have you ever tried a “Made in China” FC660C? I have one, and the dome weigh is noticeably heavier than a newer “Made in Japan” FC660C. I would say the domes feel 5-10g heavier, and with more tactility at the beginning of the key press. Further discussion in this Reddit thread, as well as a recent lengthly discussion about dome weigh variability in the Deskeys discord. Another data point for your list, if you ever get to try one out :slight_smile:

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I only have experience typing on a HHKB Pro Classic 45g. How does the typing experience of 45g Leopold 980C compare to that?

The domes feel slighter heavier. Also because the FC980c has a metal plate (black painted steel), the typing feel is a bit harsher or the bottom out, imagine tapping your fingers to a 1mm plastic sheet vs 1mm metal plate.

The typing feel is nice and awesome though, it’s not better or worse, just different :slight_smile:

Hey, do you still want/need ivory keycaps?? I have the white ivory caps that I’m willing to make a trade for the black caps found on the 980C. I ordered the K2 and would like that stark, stormtrooper color scheme :smile:

Yes! Sent a PM