[GB] the Heavy-9: aftermarket housing for the Leopold FC980C and FC980M

For the next two weeks I’m offering the Heavy-9, big brother to my popular Heavy-6 design.

You can see the Interest Check thread for more details, and feel free to post here with any questions! Thanks to everyone who supported the IC and gave me encouragement to go out on a limb and offer Veracity Steel on this design as well. I didn’t get a prototype of the Heavy-9 in Veracity, so I don’t have any photos to show of that, but here’s what the same finish looks like on the forthcoming Heavy Grail.


Incredibly excited to see this take another step forward towards fruition! The “limited” finish selection is actually somehow refreshing; less chance for analysis paralysis to take hold :slight_smile:

Does the FC980C indeed come in the white/grey keycaps as shown? I was only familiar with the beige/grey vintage colorway (and the black-on-black, of course).

That is indeed an FC980C—the only one that I own, in fact. :slight_smile: I think I got it from MechanicalKeyboards.com several months ago. (They periodically come into and out of stock there.)

Woot! Ordered :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :+1: :+1: :+1: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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Now to find a FC980c. I see a preorder on mechanicalkeyboards for the end of August. Might be the best shot.

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I dug up a Reddit discussion from 3 years ago, that (somewhat inconclusively) indicates only a single “white” color, which looks a lot more beige than photos on MK.com. If indeed there is a single white color - it sure does look spiffy against the K2 finish :slight_smile:

but it also looks spiffy against the royal winkle :upside_down_face:

The white keycaps + royal wrinkle is decidedly snazzy :joy:

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In person, I’d say that my set does look a bit more cream-colored than in my product shots, but the photo on MK looks positively beige, which I think is inaccurate—unless they have some kind of special edition.

I’d say that this article and its images/video represent the color pretty well:

definitely in for this, now i have to pick between k2 or royal wrinkle

Just placed a pre-order a few minutes ago :money_mouth_face: RIP wallet.

I’m missing the requisite FC980C - does anyone know when they will be readily available again? There appears to be zero stock globally.
Regardless, I’m in - just slightly nervous about sourcing the donor:)


The preorder one with 30g domes on mechanicalkeyboards is the only one I’ve found. Other than that, post in classifieds here, GH, or (cringe) reddit.

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Some very sexy pics of Topre boards and the FC980c also can be found here :

I have been eagerly awaiting this! In for one and excited to give the acoustic dampening pad a shot. Any idea how the merino wool compares to sorbothane? I have a .188 inch pad (30 duro) in with my Heavy 6 and quite enjoy it.

I can’t really quantify it, but on the Norbaforce I felt that the wool sounded nicer (more sound-absorbent) than the Sorbothane. It’s also a bit less expensive than custom die-cut Sorbothane, so it seemed an easy choice. In any case, Sorbothane is really intended as a vibration-dampening material; dense tangled fibers (and foams) like wool are much more commonly used in acoustic dampening among people who have a reason to know what they’re doing. I don’t really personally know a lot about acoustics though; it’s something I’ve been planning to study more closely soon.

Oooh, these are indeed really nice.


Anybody with experience with the 30g topre domes, are they similar feel to BKE ultralights?
I could swap out for some BKE heavies I have but don’t really want to put those on another board.

Best domes ever. Think of them as Topre pseudo-linears. Feel is closest to an MX Red Silent, in my view, but with that special Topre thock added in. I’m frankly astonished that they’re being sold in a board for the US market. They’re usually really hard to track down and have to be harvested from JIS boards.

Dimensions for the Heavy 9 indicated on the product page can’t be correct, right? 206mm for overall length seems… short.

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