[GB] the Norbaforce Data Pad: housing for Topre 23U numpads

Just set mine up. Wasn’t sure what to do since the old cable seemed have an extra connection to the board, but seems to be working


Hi, @scb! The grounding wire is meant to prevent noise/interference and should be fastened under the screw heads on each of the two locations indicated in the image below.

Wait, were we supposed to get a ground wire with the data pad for the breakout PCB? I didn’t get one for my K2 or polycarbonate version. You can’t use the original one since it’s connected to everything.

I didn’t get a grounding wire either

Yes, Jared didn’t realize that the Numpads needed the grounding wires, but since they 87U-style they do. We’re sending those in follow up to all your orders on Monday. Apologies for the mix-up.


Is it possible for you folks to list the part number or order source somewhere?

I changed phone numbers, so unfortunately the new owner of my old phone number has had to help me coordinate my data pad delivery. Don’t want to put them through that a second time for just a cable, and don’t want you to incur ridiculous costs to send me a cable halfway across the world. :wink:

No worries! Just email us the new address and we can send one there.

The cables are custom, but pretty much any cables with an m3 eyelet on both ends would work.