[GB] the Norbaforce Data Pad: housing for Topre 23U numpads

With just a couple of hours to spare before the end of 2021, I managed to finish up and list for pre-order my final aftermarket housing for Topre keyboards: the Norbaforce Data Pad. It is available from tonight until I’ve sold enough to use up all the breakout PCBs I have left, at which point I’ll take them down and no more will be made.

Because of the strange way the 23U mounts is sub-PCB, the Data Pad has an inherent angle, designed to match the Norbaforce Mark II with its riser feet installed. A wool felt acoustic dampener is included.

Since this is KeebTalk, here are some nerdy details and additional views:


The final piece of Topre era… Happy new year! @norbauer


Snap ordered the fingerprint magnet and K2. With this, I think my personal and professional workspaces will be complete.


I think this is the most nuts thing, in the best possible way. What a way to end with a bang. While I won’t be joining this pre-order, I only wish I could meet all the owners of the veracity steel Data Pad someday. :joy:


I need to find a 23u before I get this :frowning:

Did anyone hear about the possibility of a 23u restock? I only see a few listings on eBay and Amazon.

Happy New Year, everyone!


This is much too expensive and the options are much too limited. This is the only product I had been waiting for, but it feels like this misses the mark of my expectations.


Yeah would be interested in how this price is justified based on the price of other much larger housings like the heavy 6. Maybe quantity produced is lower or something?

It is the price I have chosen based on risk and empirical observations of the (un)profitability of previous projects. Purchase is non-obligatory.


Thank you for this and happy new year! While I am very appreciative, as an owner of the ghost of Christmas future, I have to confirm if there will be no other options in terms of finish? Before I buy a white one, I need to make sure :slight_smile:

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Yep. In for a K2. Can’t wait to see this piece of unadulterated extravagance sitting on my desk.


Also in for the K2. Strongly considering the VS if they’re still available come payday.

Any chance of a retro refrigerator finish? Its very iconic norbauer finish and would be an apt way to wrap up this chapter of topre housings.


Can I get this raw?

How about aperture finish?

I’m going to stick by my plan not to produce any non-bespoke batches of Topre aftermarket housings beyond 2021. However, someone has already talked me into doing a single bespoke polycarb data pad, because he is amassing a full collection of all my designs in both PC and Veracity Steel and is a completionist. I could probably piggyback an additional unit on top of that one, if you’d like. Shoot me an email.

I’ve produced too many different Norbaforce finishes to possibly offer all of them again on this, but you can always purchase an unfinished data pad and take it to a local powder coating shop to get the same finish applied as on your Norbaforce. You can just email me and I can provide you with the relevant color code of your previous purchase. We could always arrange this for you with a reliable shop we use for one offs here in L.A., but it’s very expensive and slow I tend to recommend just finding a well-reviewed local shop.


I really didn’t want to comment on this, but enigma black (from what I remember) was not offered as a stock colour since the original Norbaforce, the heavy 6 was enigma grey. All straight black offerings since were anodized so even that doesn’t match that well.
I understand one off colours like retro refrigerator(teal norbaforce I), astrophysical (purple norbaforce I) and motorsport (yellow heavy 6) but aperture (and VHS to some extent) has been offered on literally all group buys.
Good luck finding powder shops that will match aperture I guess if you wanted a dark option for any of Ryans previous offerings.

I can supply the exact color code from Prismatic Powders, so any shop can do it with ease.


Are unfinished Heavy Grails still a possibility, or is that train long-gone?

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