[GB] Treasure TYPE-9 ( Series II ) - 9 keys Brass Macropad


Hello to all,
I am Eric from Treasure, Industrial Designer from France ( https://treasuretypes.com/ ).
This new product is the follow up of my first macropad keyboard of 2018
More info / Group Buy Here : https://treasuretypes.com

Treasure® TYPE-9 ( Series II ) is a mechanical keyboard macropad in a small form factor, inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, with bold and minimalist design.

Brass PVD coated with mirror finish, or powder coated aluminum case, the blend between rounded lines and sharp edges makes it stands out on your desk.

Now with USB-C connection, VIA support, and Kailh Hotswap Sockets. Series II is even easier to use.


1 x TREASURE® Type-9 (Series II) case in Brass or Aluminum
1 x Metal Plate
1 x Type-9 PCB ( USB-C )
2 x Custom Moulded Foot (Silicone) in the color of your choice
1 x USB-C to USB-A cable
9 x Blank DSA Keycaps
1 x Cleaning Cloth ( Brass versions only )
1 x Pouch ( Brass versions only)
Screws and allen key
Quick start guide

WEIGHT ( built with keycaps - Estimate )
150gr ( Aluminum version )
360gr ( Brass versions )

Crafted from Aluminum 6061 or Brass
Powder coated case ( Aluminum Version )
PVD Coated, Mirror finished case ( Brass Versions )
Removable Plate
White PCB in switch backlight
Switch Sockets (hot-swappable/no soldering required)
PCB compatible with QMK firmware
Low Profile custom silicone pads with 3M adhesive

Pricing :
Aluminum / White ver. : 99USD
Brass / Chrome Mirror ver : 129USD
Brass / Black Mirror ver : 129USD

More info / Group Buy Here : https://treasuretypes.com

NOTE: This is a PREORDER. Shipping will start when manufacturing/assembly has been completed.

Final product and colors can be slightly different from the pictures

Group Buy: October 20th - November 10th
Production: 4-6 Months
Shipping: Spring 2021


Absolutely beautiful macropad!

Any plans for a collab with rama or salvun in the future for a set of 9 aluminum blank keycaps?

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I genuinely like how the upcoming Kate’s Artisans will look on the Type-9 :slight_smile:


Extras for white ones are opening up in 20 min

Hello to all !
There is a pre-IC form for the TYPE-9 Series III if you are interested : ( Interest check for Treasure TYPE-9 ( Series III ) )

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The clear one looks wicked good