[GB] Workmat

Pre sale is live on our store!


Presale will last 4 weeks, fulfillment will begin as soon as possible, will have to wait for the custom colored silicone to be manufactured for us before casting. After presale is closed, and all orders fulfilled, we will launch the product for retail availability on our website.

Presale price is $55 plus shipping. After presale, the price will increase to $65, and we may drop some colors. Also in the works is a system to get custom colors. This service will likely be available after retail launch, will have a MOQ of around 20 units (minimum batch size for us to get colors made), and will require a Pantone C color code.

There will be some adjustments to final colors. An infographic illustrates the differences on the store page. We have selected Pantone colors that we feel better represent the intended colorways and are closer to renders/ original concept. We were not happy with how hand mixing the colors was inconsistent and when scaling from practice batches to prototypes the colors did not behave the same. For that reason we are switching to pre mixed, Pantone matched colors.

Thank you to everyone who connected with us during the development process. Can’t wait to get these out to everyone.

The best way to reach us is on discord American Haptics


Nice job, I have been following this for a few months! I went with the blue option :smiley:

Do you have an estimate of how long this will be/when you will be able to ship it?

At most 6 weeks from today. As soon as we can get material in we are going to start casting and fulfilling, it just may be slow at first as we get more molds made.

Also, I don’t know how long it will take the supplier to make the custom colors, so our lead time on getting those may be longer than normal.

Placed an order! Probably good for everyone to temper expectations by recognizing that 6 weeks from today is going to be very close to holiday season, where postal delays might extend times from the date things are shipped!


Like I said, we will produce and ship as soon as humanly possible. We also will likely do a production blog post update/discord updates

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Awesome, can’t wait!!

Several Updates:

The pantone color matching has changed. We had a major miscommunication with our supplier and it is cost prohibitive to get custom colors. As of now the colors you see on the website gallery on the store page is the color you will recieve.

Shipping/Storage tubes have been extensively tested and found to deform the mats. The mats will still lie flat, but walls between the trays tend to take some warping and for us that is unacceptable. While they would likely not deform permanently during shipping, we don’t feel they are a good option for long term storage. For this reason we have moved to a shipping box.

International shipping is on it’s way. We are struggling to make our website GDPR compliant in a barebones way to allow GDPR nations to order directly from us. We hope to have this ironed out this week.

As for production updates, we have moved to a new mold material, a urethane rubber, and mold casting is going exceptionally well. We expect to be in production of the mats by the end of the week as well, and fulfillment to begin by early next week. This leads to the final topic in this update: Christmas.

If you ordered a mat as a Christmas present, please dm me here or on discord. I want to get those mats out first so people can give their presents on time. Please please do not abuse this opportunity and help us to get people their Christmas presents on time.

Big thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way and given feedback.

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