Gio's starter guide to tools, when you know your going off the deep end




Gio update pls


Assuming most of the recs above are still valid.

Something I haven’t seen mentioned here though is eye protection — do you guys use it? And how about magnification for those of us with poor eyesight? Maybe a loupe with attached light?


I use these and they work pretty well.

I’d recommend trying to improve the overall lighting situation in your workspace first. Maybe a table top lamp you can have close to where you are working to illuminate everything. Otherwise, if you need some magnification, I think something like this would be the best. There are lots of options for PCB holders with magnifiers attached, but since you may decide to work on different sized PCB/components, I think something like this arm would give you more flexibility.


Thanks for these! I’ll have to do some research on the magnifier options to see what would work best for my situation, but this seems a good place to start. Improving my lighting set-up is definitely a good call, too. Makes a lot of sense.


I was already pretty nearsighted and astigmatic to begin with, but in recent years age has made it even worse, so I was facing the same problem. Because I’m insane, I pulled the trigger on a wide-field Luxo with LEDs and it’s great - incredibly heavy base, stable arm and head positioning, adjustable brightness for the working field of view (at max brightness, almost too bright), and about the right degree of magnification for soldering. But given that you could use that same amount of money to score your favorite hype GB board, I would definitely recommend checking out all options.


Glad to hear I’m not the only one who needs magnification. That Luxo looks great, but DAMN, that price. You weren’t kidding. Good to have the option here though, and to know it works well for you.