Glorious Gaming PBT Keycaps

Glorious is getting into the key cap game. Interesting design choices.

Cherry Profile with spherical style centered alpha legends with left and right aligned legends on the left and right modifiers.

At least the colors look pretty?


I love the centered legends. not a fan of the multicolored caps. The white and grey are nice. I think if you add color make it the mods

They did say more are coming soon. I think this is just the first look.

(I’m hoping they’ll allow us to choose our own colours for each key, but I’m dreaming.)

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Meh, looks like cheap Taobao PBT dyesubbed sets to me. Not a single thing in that video suggested they will be high quality caps IMO. Also that line on the spacebar is super triggering to me. That just really reminds me of the cheap shinethrough sets most gaming KBs come with.

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I mean they will only be 40 dolalrs so yea they are cheap. Thats okay I think Id rather spend extra money on the cable etc and I have already gotten a set of cheap caps to tide me over until the group buys arrived.


Yeah I hear you & don’t get me wrong I don’t have an issue with the caps themselves (well beyond that - spacebar). I more have a problem with them being advertised as premium or high quality. I think they’d be better served advertising them as affordable keycap set with high compatibility for custom layouts.


Yea but well its a company trying to make money of course they say their stuff is premium. People who are really interested know better and to the average user these might be cool.


I actually like the centered alpha legends a lot, not so warm on the all caps mods, and like wtf were they thinking with right aligned right side mods

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Added to the Cherry-profile set list!