Glorious Pandas

What sell Holy Panda in the end is the story of its origin and drama around it. I think it take a while to craft another novelty switch with the same magnitude of controversy. But totally agree, I think I’m done with HP and hope others ready to explore many other good tactile switches out there too.

I’d like to see a tactile switch with extra long bump like Holy Panda except with a much gentler curve, gentle enough to be called Subtle Panda.


I love how Glorious is blamed for Drops greedy decision making.

While Glorious busying filed the trademark, many has already predicted this next move, I myself not surprise by the fact Drops doing it. If they are truly the incarnation of devil, they already trademark it when release the holy panda at first round. But they probably got lazy and think none of folks around here will dare to play dirty and held their gentlemen agreement until Glorious came.

some people in the U4 boba’s thread seem to think you can get that out of a 55g lubed boba U4

Hmm. I think weaker spring weight makes the bump feel sharper and shorter. What I’m looking for is weaving or swerving feel.