GMK Chocolatier | Orders closed

Available for pre-order from October 5th to November 5th 2018

Current numbers:

Core (MOQ 250): 315

Novelties (MOQ 250): 259

Spacebars (MOQ 150): 118

Rama x Chocolatier: 108

Last updated on: November 6th

Where to buy:

Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this keyset. After more than two years, we finally meet again
(I shake you warmly by the hand). Once again, my factory is open for visitors, so please go ahead and come to taste the new flavours produced in our German facilities!

Hello Keebtalk!

Released almost two years ago, SA Chocolatier was the first keycap set that I’ve ever made. Inspired by the
chocolate wrappers of the 2005 motion picture adaptation of Roald Dahl’s masterpiece, Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory, GMK Chocolatier is the second iteration of this set.

Q: Why am I using blue accents?
A: Because my idea for SA Chocolatier was initially to release the set in three flavours

Technical specs

  • Original Cherry Corp. profile
  • High quality 1.5mm thick keycaps with doublsehot legends that will never fade.
  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH
  • Custom chocolate colors matched to what the SA run should have looked like.

Q: What do you mean with “what the SA run should have looked like?”
A: Chocolatier’s alphas (as well as the modifiers) were washed off compared to the plastic samples I had with me. the difference is quite noticeable with 1976 and some people (including me) noticed that the spacebar had a stronger color than the rest of the alphas.

Serika dekmat + Chocolatier by Zambumon

Available kits


After some consideration, I’ve opted for a more conservative approach for the core of this set, although with some minor eccentricity.

With the goal of encouraging the reusability of these keycaps with other sets, I’ve also included a second Tab key. With just that extra key, now people could potentially use Chocolatier’s modifiers at the same time in, for example, an HHKB and a standard fullsize keyboard.


By popular demand, the novelties are back! A small pack of novelties that adds some more options for your enter and escape keys.


Some people like to have an accent color even on their spacebars. This kit provides all the spacebars you’d need in GMK Chocolatier’s blue accent color.


Zambumon Nemo

Zambumon Verne

Zambumon F96H

Tokyo.keyboard Tokyo60

Percent Canoe

Uniqey C70

Uniqey Q100

Desk Candy Modern M0110


What’s going on, what happens now?

This is an interest check for GMK Chocolatier. And although I’ve figured out the kits and there won’t be any
major change or any new kit. It’s time to gather interest, get quotes, and color samples.

Two weeks ago, I sent GMK a package to the factory which contained some plastic color samples,
which were inmediatly forwarded to their plastic supplier. Given how well the process went with Serika, I’m
confident that they’ll meet my request and we’ll get the perfect colors for this set.

I’ve also been in talks with Novelkeys as I’m interested on having him as the US distributor of not only the set, but also other extras, such as a deskmat.

The approach for my sets has changed over the years and it has accentuated with Jamón, Chocolatier, and ISJGEFTWC (also known as Samurai Blue). I want the set to be functional and affordable, I want the stores to have an easy time packaging and sending the sets, I want the keycaps to have a good QC, and I want the manufacturer to have an easy time making these sets by not offering an overwhelming number of kits.

Regarding collaborations, don’t hesitate to contact me, over Discord, keebtalk, reddit, etc. There are plenty of ways to do it.
For updates, I’d suggest either following my blog, this thread, or my Instagram account.

Thanks for reading!

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I love this way too much! Is there any chance of a golden ticket artisan?


‘Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this keyset.’ - I strongly feel this is how every IC should begin. Be it Dahl related or not.

Looking sharp as always, very interested.

An artisan you say… not a novelty. So like a rose gold RAMA enter key?

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Another +1 for golden ticket, otherwise Nathan Kim approved :slight_smile:

You know it :wink:

Really digging the blue accents, they just look so good with the base colors of the set. One thing about the different base kits per region, will they share a MOQ and the ISO addon will just be like a “hidden” child kit that’s added to the base kit automatically? Also, the two little Ctrl keys off to the side in the render kinda bug me, especially in the US kit, maybe they’d be better off tucked under the 1.5u Control keys or next to the off-center 6u space? Doesn’t matter much, just a visual nitpick.

Yes, it’s basically a hidden kit. So basically every region would share the same base kit, and EU costumers would have the ISO kit bundled with the set. The ISO kit would have to be mandatory because otherwise some people in Europe (where the vast majority of ISO users is based) would skip it. Obviously, I could also add the ISO kit as a standalone set for those overseas that still want to purchase it as an extra, or even for European users that want to have more than one ISO kit.

I’m sad the yellow accents are gone but this is the colorway I’ve been waiting for to complement my x60. Pretty hyped keep up the good work Zambumon.

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Hmmm… I always thought the SA novelties were amazing. Surprised to read you weren’t fond of them. Hopefully you’ll reconsider. Would love to see how you would improve them.

Really hyped for this set. Willy wonka is my favourite anime!

A brilliant solution, fully behind this and I hope it gets adoption outside of your work.

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I’ve already message @Zambumon and said this privately - but I honestly think the hidden child kit for ISO is a great way of doing things. I’d love to see it become successful and adopted in other GMK sets.

Additionally - the Blue ISO enter is def the one to keep with the set :wink:

Yes - I particularly like the lesbian love scene with the squid

Not into brown, but I dig the ISO solution, which should be a win for everyone

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Pretty sure that is a different version but no judgement from me :wink:


This keyset isn’t for me, but I feel as if it is missing something without the golden ticket themed items.
The blue is nice though. Good luck with this Zambu.

I need dat Golden Ticket. :open_mouth:

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I just need you…

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Everyone does. :wink:

Definitely interested in this. Love the blue accents!