GMK Chocolatier | Orders closed

I’m pretty interested in this as well. Ever since I saw the original Chocolatier set I wanted it, but it was way after the drop.

This is a very classy looking set, and I like the blue accents

I need this in my life.

By popular demand, novelties are coming back.



Great set! I like the yellow novelties, but the idea of a Rama Golden Ticket enter key (in the style of his liquid series) sounds incredible.

Novelties kit added to Chocolatier, some tweaks on the base kit and spacebar kits.

Next phase would be updating the 40s kit.


40s kit update:

Improved the support for some layouts, dropped the accent keys so people could have a more classic look, added more spacebars and some of the keys that I accidentally switched off the visibility while rendering.


The new kits look great - really happy with the level of support across the kits and the colourways. I see you have added the Yellow keys back in for ANSI layout - would this be an option for ISO as well? Fully understand if not and to keep prices down, but figured no harm in asking :slight_smile:

No, having 3 ISO enters on the Core [EU] would certainly bring up the costs notably.

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I think he was referring to adding a yellow ISO enter to the novelties kit, as that’s where all the other yellow accents are.

If you’re doing Wonka themed novelties again. Any possibility of Oompa Loompa themed novelty?

Happy to see the novelties back - the enter and escape make it for me, even if I probably wouldn’t use them, I’m happier to know that they’re included.

Such a strange person, I should probably rethink my life.

If you add a 1.75u backspace key then you could include the Minivan in this list of supported boards.

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I’m really digging the brown and blue hues of this set.

One of my favorites. Lets get this show on the road.

@Dolas Novelties are expensive as new legends have to be made, so I’ve limited the kit to just one new legend, which is fairly reasonable for this set.
For the first round I did some tests for Oompa Loompas, Wonka’s hat and cane, chocolate bars, and even a minifactory but I wasn’t convinced with any of those. I also wanted to make translucent keycaps for the caps lock key and great glass elevator, but SP said it was not possible.

@jetpacktuxedo Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. I’ve been giving support for that board since my first very first set, which coincidentally was SA Chocolatier. That layout was particularly hard to cover as it needs very specific keys only used by that board. So with my support and the one many others also provided after SA Chocolatier, we were directly responsible its success.

For any of my current projects, I’m opting to provide a better support to other keyboard projects (Preonic, Pearl, and a bunch of small ortho keyboard) and drop completely the one you’ve mentioned.

I’m pretty sure the backspace key is the only one that is actually unique to the van… The 1.5u enter key is weird but it is shared by the pearl and already in the kit. The 1.25u tab is pretty common on 40% boards and is at least shared by the AMJ40 and JD40 off the top of my head, and is again already in your 40s kit here. I guess the 1.75u bottom right key in the default layout is also weird, but you have a blank for that, and the arrow layout is better anyway… Regardless you are only one key short.

Idk what all happened between you and Evan and I don’t really want to drive this super off-topic or anything, it just seems kinda sucky for van users to be almost but not quite supported by this set.

Other than that single key, I really like the kit design here. The mandatory ISO kit for Europe to make sure it hits MOQ while keeping the base price down for everyone else is a great idea, and I really wish more people would move 2u shift into the 40s kit like you did here. Hopefully those kit choices spread to other GMK sets.

@jetpacktuxedo R3 1.5 Fn key, R3 1.25 Fn, R4 1.75 Lock key, R4 1.5 Shift key, R2 1.75 Backspace key, R4 2.25 Enter key, those are the keys that you’d need to cover its default layout. Regardless of one, two or whatever the number of keys is, I don’t feel it would be wise from my side to support it.

Right but you already have keys that fit in all of those spaces except the backspace. I don’t think anyone is begging for perfect legend accuracy on a 40% where most people aren’t likely using the default layout anyway. Honestly, the keys that you already have in the 40s kit would be more legend-accurate for my van layout than the keys you just named lol.

I mean I get it if you don’t want to support it, it’s just a bummer

Added poll. Gotta test all of these Discourse features :sunglasses: