GMK Chocolatier | Orders closed


Maybe I am missing it, but I can’t see an option for Norde? Would love some OS X modifiers too as an addon.


where is the golden ticket?


@macken you are not missing anything. Norde won’t be offered, there has been very little real interest (purchases) for this kit. I would be unrealistic to offer a kit that will most likely be far from reaching MOQ.

@mtuanvu the only golden ticket that I’m going to offer is the yellow enter. Making new legends is expensive and I’d prefer to have multiple W than an enter key with some mismatched text.


Is there a possibility of adding a yellow ISO enter to the novelties kit? It certainly won’t stop me from purchasing the set either way but would be awesome to have it included.


I already asked and the answer was no sadly. Either way, like you, I’ll join


Is there any chance of an ergodox set? I think this is a handsome set, but I really only own 'dox-style keyboards at this point. Thanks in advance, whatever the answer.


I would like to also put a vote in for this. need 1.75 backspace in the 40 kit. only missing key to cover minivan. I don’t really care about legend accuracy as 40s should be customized and you’ll never be able to cover the wide array of layouts. profile accuracy however is achievable and I am sad to see that the row 2 1.75 is not currently in the kit.


@a_little_shy Ergodox kits have done worse and worse with GMK, mainly because it has been a long time since the last big Ergodox group buy. I gave that kit a shot with Serika, and it performed poorly.

It’s not going to happen. Ergodox like keyboards are difficult to cover, and not a lot of people have them. The only way to cover those sets effectively is with either flat and/or dyesub keycaps, as they are much cheaper to make in lower quantities.


That’s fair. While I am sad this kit won’t be an option for my 'dox, I totally see where you are coming from. Thank you for your response!


too many keycap sets, too little money

dunno which to get :thinking:


Sell a kidney and buy all of them?

I know the feeling tho man, the struggle is real


Added some extra images featuring the novelties and red accents keys to the OP


no yellow spacbar?


No. Yellow isn’t the main accent color for this revision of the set. Adding more spacebars to any of the already available kits or adding more spacebar kits just increases the price or complexity of the set.


I like it when nice colourways come to the best profile


Is the yellow Enter the same yellow as in Serika? Serika looks a bit brighter to me.


No, it’s not. I’ve used for the yellow enter N6.


GMK has informed me tody that they are sending me some of Chocolatier’s color matched samples. According to them “both [brown] tones should be spot on.”

These samples are expected to be shipped this week and arrive either this very same week or over the course of the next one.


Samples are here!

The colors are spot on with the plastic samples I provided GMK, which were an SA 1976 spacebar (same color codes as Chocolatier’s alphas) and Chocolatier’s modifiers.

Fantastic work by GMK, as these can be considered as the final colors for the GMK set.


Looks amazingly chocolaty. Almost like they’d melt if you kept them there longer. :+1:

Hard for me to say if I’ll get this set, but it’s definitely the best brown set out there.