GMK Chocolatier | Orders closed


These look great. I told myself I would slow down on the premium keycap sets for a bit but I’ll have to buy these!


I’m really sleepy and when I opened the tab with this thread, I legit thought I was looking at squares of chocolate for a moment. I guess they’ve done their job!


Hm, is there any specific reason here for using ABS instead of PBT? Lower price maybe, or better collor palette?


GMK doesn’t do PBT. Maybe next year we’ll start seeing more popular colorways being done in EnjoyPBT PBT (their newer stuff is really top notch).


Well, Signature Plastics offers PBT in their DCS profile (basically the same as OEM/Cherry). Those keycaps could be dye-subbed.


DCS GBs are few and far between. That’s probably because GMK can produce the same set at the same price, but with higher quality (better colors, better caps — DCS is fairly thin). Besides, round 1 of Chocolatier was run in SP SA, and Zambumon wasn’t pleased with how the colors turned out (he mentions this in the OP). GMK does a better job of color matching, and I’ve heard they’re more pleasant to work with to boot. Also, no insane 9 month lead times like for SA.

As a side node, SP recently invested in tooling for PBT SA. So far only one set has been produced, but it’s something to look forward to in the future.

Imo the only viable option for Cherry-profile PBT caps moving forward is EPBT.


I’ve just noticed that ISO keyset doesn’t have “Y” and “Z” key in interchanged places. Is this intentional or by mistake? Maybe you could offer those two keys as extras.


I’m not providing coverage for QWERTZ/German layout, just the UK-ISO one.


Is there a chance for adding 1.5 Caps Lock for bottom row?

Also, there should be some way to get few more blank keys as a substitue for language specific characters in central Europe, like č ć ž đ for Croatian, ä ü ö ë for German, some other for Italian etc.

You already have two blank keys as an option, but this is not enough, and they are R4…

  • The core of this set is what I’d consider bare minimum so I don’t have plans to add 1.25, and 1.5 Caps lock, same goes to a R3 1.75U Function key.

  • Language packs have been discarded from the very beginning. It’s not realistic to offer them with such small sets. Even if it was offered, most sets in Eurepe end in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia by a large margin.

  • Unless you have a JIS keyboard, you should have enough keycaps to cover your keyboard (as the Core [EU] kit includes ISO UK keycaps).

Here is an update for the set:

  • My goal would be to have a group buy for this set in mid-September/October, this gives me enough time to finish some of the extras (like the packaging), quotes, and color sampling.
  • We should be able to finish color sampling for all of the colors before the preorder window. As the alphas are done and we’ll use GMK standard colors for yellow and red, the only color left is blue. We should also get quotes for the kits soon.
  • If everything goes right Novelkeys, MykeyboardEU and Zfrontier will be hosting the group buy for this set.


Allright then, let’s do it this way, are you willing to sell those blank prototypes you showed us? If you are, I’ll take them and use them as non-english character fillers.

As a European, I definitely appreciate this, much better choice than Massdrop.

Do you have any plans for Jamón Jamón when it comes to time schedule? 2018 or 2019?


Samples are all R1, and I won’t sell them. They have been stored with many of my other samples so I can use them as reference in the future if needed and preserve the original colors.


Good day everyone,

After checking how much interest on this set and how current group buys are going, I’ve decided to update the kits in favour of a slightly more conservative approach. Here is a changelog of the kits:

  • Chocolatier will now have one Core kit with no accent keys
  • Accent keys have been moved to the Novelties kits
  • 40s has been reduced a little bit to make it as affordable as possible while preserving most of its compatibility.


Thank you for including “Code” and novelties 1.5u R4 keys, I hate when my only options are to use control or alt.


No problem. Having 1.5 Code adds a little bit more flexibility for the kit for all the non-standard bottom rows.


Final kits for GMK Chocolatier.

The Group Buy for this set should be in October with European (, North American ( and Chinese ( vendors.


Oh no, 40s kit has been removed from final kits??


Given the MOQs, current sales, and upcoming sets it wouldn’t be close to reach the MOQ.


Hmmm……:disappointed_relieved: I just want a 2.0 shift


I can’t express how happy I am to see this. I got into the mechanical keyboard hobby too late to grab SA Chocolatier, which is perhaps my all time favorite key set, and I am now getting a second chance. And the best part is that you included split spacebars, which will work great with my new DZ60 triple split spacebar. Thank you very much for this!