GMK Chocolatier | Orders closed


Launch date confirmed! We go live on October 5th!


Three vendors will have this set available for pre-order on their site:


Small update: added pricing for all of the vendors.

Where to buy and pricing


To Be Announced Soon™. :x::o::tickets:


The golden ticket. GMK Chocolatier by Zambumon on the KOYU with our Brass PVD Chocolatier caps. Chocolatier is launching tomorrow (October 5th!).


GMK Chocolatier and RAMA Chocolatier Brass keycaps are available for preorder!

Check out the OP, I have included where to buy the set and Rama keycaps as well as an order counter.


Current numbers:

Core (MOQ 250): 49

Novelties (MOQ 250): 44

Spacebars (MOQ 150): 24

Last updated on: October 6th (no data from ZFrontier)


Daily order update for GMK Chocolatier.

Current numbers:

Core (MOQ 250): 54

Novelties (MOQ 250): 47

Spacebars (MOQ 150): 26

Last updated on: October 7th (no data from ZFrontier)


Current numbers, added orders from ZFrontier.

Core (MOQ 250): 77

Novelties (MOQ 250): 70

Spacebars (MOQ 150): 32

Last updated on: October 8th


Week one update

Good day everyone!

First of all, thanks a lot to all of the group buy participants for joining the group buy on week one! With your help, we’re close to 100 units on two of the kits. Of course, there’s still a long stretch to the MOQ, but with the help of everyone I think we should be able to reach those quantities.
If you were thinking about buying a set, now it’s the perfect time to do it!

Current orders

  • Core (MOQ 250): 93
  • Novelties (MOQ 250): 86
  • Spacebars (MOQ 150): 45
  • Rama x Chocolatier: 40

Last updated on October 15th


I have SA Chocolatier and love the warmth of the set.

I bought some “wheat” colored PLA plastic and made a Cassette Futura Case specifically for the Chocolatier colorway. I’ll have to see if my budget can fit in a GMK set too, even though I have too many keycap sets :grinning:


We’ve reached 100 units for the Core kit! One step closer to the MOQ :smiley:


Week two is over, we are almost halfway there!

Current orders

  • Core (MOQ 250): 115
  • Novelties (MOQ 250): 103
  • Spacebars (MOQ 150): 55
  • Rama x Chocolatier: 50

Last updated on October 22nd


Week 3 Update

Good day everyone!

It’s been three weeks since Chocolatier’s GB started and with around a week and a half left to order the set, here is how the numbers look like:

Current orders

  • Core: 127
  • Novelties: 112
  • Spacebars: 59
  • Rama x Chocolatier: 55

Last updated on October 25th

Over the course of the last week we’ve received a good amount of orders, which is impressive since week two and three are usually the ones where orders slow down dramatically and almost freeze. Like I mentioned on my previous update, there’s still a long stretch for the MOQs, but I’m confident that we’ll reach the goals.

Thanks again to all the vendors, group buy participants and GMK themselves for supporting this project.


I feel like I’ll regret not getting this and have to end up paying slightly more on the aftermarket like I just did with Serika :thinking:




You’ll regret it even more if you don’t get it and it doesn’t hit moq… so you should just get it anyways :wink:


The original Chocolatier keyset has always been one of my top dream keysets. This new version really misses the mark for me. Non SA profile and a matte finish just doesn’t look near as good. If it were SA and glossy, you would have had me sold!


Last 4 days to order GMK Chocolatier!

Don’t miss your chance to join GMK Chocolatier! Order window closes on November 5th (all vendor links in the OP).

The following four days will be the final sprint for this group buy, and if you are thinking about getting the set, this is the moment to do it.

Current orders

  • Core: 132
  • Novelties: 114
  • Spacebars: 58
  • Rama x Chocolatier: 58

Last updated on October 29th, not accounting for vendor extras


Last call to join the GMK Chocolatier Group Buy!

Orders close on November 5th, don’t miss your chance to get it now at group buy pricing!!

We are super close to hit MOQ.

Current numbers:

Core (MOQ 250): 236

Novelties (MOQ 250): 199

Spacebars (MOQ 150): 88

Rama x Chocolatier: 61

Last updated on: November 2nd


Flash update with updated numbers from Zfrontier and mykeyboard: we’ve hit Core’s MOQ!

Current numbers:

Core (MOQ 250): 250

Novelties (MOQ 250): 203

Spacebars (MOQ 150): 91


Just two hours left for the EU group buy!