GMK Jamón - Shipping


Here is a Flickr Album with some pics of GMK Jamón color samples.

GMK Jamón Samples by zambumon

GMK Jamón Samples by zambumon

GMK Jamón Samples by zambumon

GMK Jamón Samples by zambumon

GMK Jamón Samples by zambumon

GMK Jamón Samples by zambumon

The samples are spot on with the color codes provided and compared to the renders, the samples have more saturation, this is specially noticeable with the modifiers.

As I commented back in December, with the new render setup I’m getting less saturated colors, now that I have decent pictures I can use for reference, I’ll tweak all the drop page renders and replace them with new more accurate ones.

For reference: this is how the Core is at the moment:

And this old render has red modifiers which are close to the samples:

Comparisson with standard GMK Colors:

GMK Jamón Samples by zambumon
GMK Jamón Samples by zambumon

Before having samples I was having doubts on wether we should be using P3 and R01 or request custom colors. While the differences are subtle, they are noticeable enough for me to select in both cases custom colors for this set. Here is why:

  • Alphas: 020 30 48 vs R01: the differences are subtle, I just like the custom color more, it’s more vibrant.
  • Modifiers: 030 40 60 vs P3: P3 was too “orangy”, the custom color we are going for is an insanely good red.


Any chance of getting a render of jamon on an e-white keyboard?

I think it might work, but I’m not 100% sure



Nice! I was actually considering putting it on the white powder coated version of the Grid 600 case that should be coming out fairly soon, and this seems to indicate that it would look good on white. We’ll see.


It’s happening!

Group Buy starts on February 4th! Just in time for the Chinese New Year!


Awesome. Looking forward to it.


Some last shots before Jamón launches on Monday.


Jamón is no longer an Interest Check! We are live on Massdrop right now:

First five hour numbers:


Go go go everyone! It’s jamón time!


Day 4 Numbers!


Woop let’s get to that 1000 unit pricing for core :smiley:

People need to give eÑe a boost! I’ll be putting my order in this weekend probably.


RAMA X Jamón

Pues ya estaría.


7 days left for this drop people! Numbers are looking good and a lot of the kits are practically guaranteed a price drop at this rate. Here are the latest numbers:

Make sure to get your order in before it’s too late, and remember you won’t be charged until the drop is ended, so the sooner you join in the quicker we can realize what price breaks we will hit!


I ordered the Core and Forties and Split kits, and I would be shocked if they didn’t both make it to the first price drop, so that’s cool.


2 days left to order, if anyone is still on the fence. :thinking: A lot of price drops have been hit, the Core set is down to $99.99 & most other kits have at least hit their first drop! I think this is gonna end up being a really good bang for your buck set. I got the core, jamonelties, pata negra, ene survival kit, & space bars on order & my total is sitting at $220.94 right now. Which is a great price already for all the kits I’m getting here IMO, but I wouldn’t say no to another price drop or two, LOL! :money_mouth_face:


Last call to join the drop! With just a little over 15 hours left, here are the current numbers:


can’t wait to get this one in hand! nice work


Congrats on the successful GB @Zambumon! We didn’t get you to 1,000 base kits unfortunately, but the overall numbers were great! Feel a little bad for the UK ISO guys, although that kit didn’t even break 50 so there is nothing anyone can really do about that. Looking forward to getting this one home & on a board, GL with the rest of the process & I hope the production goes smoothly! :metal:


Just got an email saying they got the sets i at the drop warehouse & we should have tracking nunbers by the end of the week! :sunglasses: This will be the first time I’ve ever gotten something early from drop if all goes well. :exploding_head:


Yeah I’m looking forward to it. I intend for Jamón to be the end-game set for one of my Grid 600 boards, although I’m not sure which until I see it in person.