GMK Jamón - Shipping


It’s finally shipping :crossed_fingers: 10 days ahead of schedule!


Just got a shipping notice a second ago!


Man, that seems really fast to me. Can’t wait to see photos.


Potato sneak peak.


That is easily the best GMK box yet IMO! Can’t wait to get my set!


@Zambumon what is the hex color of the box?


Don’t forget to share your pics here and on Instagram! Make sure to tag me with @zambumon over there!

@bard it should be fairly close to the one used for the keycaps, I’m not exactly sure of which one I ended up picking…


I just got my shipping info! Will be posting some nice juicy pics of my set once it arrives :smiley:


What has science done.


Even though I’ve already posted this pic in a couple other threads I figured I’d post it here also for posterity! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seriously though this set is drop dead gorgeous, I can’t stop staring at my board! :pig2: :bacon:


Got mine today! Here it is on my Grid 600. I think this is probably the end-game set for this board.


oh man, that’s looks really nice on white!


It really does look great on white @pixelpusher. Almost has me rethinking if I should’ve went with the e-white finish instead of dark red on my E6.5 since I got that that to specifically pair with Jamon. Although the Grid 600 got a one up on all other cases for Jamon with that silver top. It reminds me of the grills at the restaurant I worked at when I was in HS, it’s almost too perfect! :bacon:


I’m not sure I was exactly going for the “grill” look, but thanks! :laughing:

I kind of think white, red, and black are the best choices for case color, although it would be interesting to see it on something like gold.


That’s it. It’s officially renamed Grill600!