GMK WoB Hiragana

GMK White on Black Hiragana
minimal. simple. sharp

IC form:

WoB Hiragana ft. tokyo60 by tokyocoffeenerd

WoB Hiragana ft. M65-A by RAMA

The kit

*caps lock icon changed to lock symbol

Why no TKL / Full size support???

  • minimal amount of keys
  • hiragana legends don’t work great with those keys

When is GB?

Late this year(?) depends on how IC goes




Looks good.

A black version of GMK laser Kobe alphas with GMK yuri icon modifiers. Nice combination.


Very interested. This would look great with GMK Serika!

I am very curious on the ballpark pricing of this set. It would be nice to help me decide between the WoB gmk set currently running on MD (compatibility for different keyboards) or wait for this as it may be cheaper to cover my 60%'s exclusively.

Wow looks great, super clean!

Bugs me that numpad doesn’t exist when numrow does, but looks nice otherwise. Easy way to keep from being tempted to spend money I don’t have.

Katakana would be an instabuy. Will have to see about hiragana

yes please

I’m a fan of the limited compatibility. Hopefully this can keep the price pretty low


Same here, if this is price under $100 I think this + the GMK WOB set on MD would make for a hella cheap ultimate WOB set!

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Is the white ws2?

looks like an awesome replacement for blanks!!!

Please add R3 PgUp and R4 PgDn for 65% users.

Remove the R1 1u Backspace, no one uses that.

Please leave in the 1U backspace, I use a split BS and Delete <3

There’s no Delete key, though. :thinking:

Not if you can’t read Hiragana :wink:

Looks great.

Any chance of an icon mod kit?

But… the whole… set… is icon mods…

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