Godspeed MT3 PBT | Massdrop


Couldn’t be more excited about this. I have Godspeed, but only TKL coverage. And I didn’t have money for XDA when it ran.

AND… MT3 is my favorite profile. WIN WIN!

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well looks like i’ll be getting this instead of susuwatari

edit: oh its not doubleshot. still super interested :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish they were more vivid colours like SA but I guess that’s the trade off for PBT. Either way it’s cool to see it make a comeback. I’m intrigued about the unreleased kits too.

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I agree, the white legends on the light blue of the modifiers & the dark grey legends on the off white alphas matched with a couple of the red & yellow accent colored keys really gave SA Godspeed a special look IMO. It’s easily the set I am most happy to have! I didn’t get in on XDA Godspeed since I am not a huge fan of flat profiles. Also the all black legends take a bit of that special look away from the OG light blue/off white set to me. I think they went well with the Ares sets though, which is the direction I’ll be going if I can join this buy!

Edit: On a closer look they will be offering 4 total Alpha kits, with what I think is Russian text on one of the teasers. Possible Cyrillic set for this!? That would make it an instabuy for me, I’m such a sucker for sub-legends!

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Yeah I think we will get Japanese and Russian legends

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:astonished: Yesss. I am so in for this.

After how XDA Godspeed turned out, I just don’t think PBT dyesub is right for this set. It loses most of its charm without the contrasting legends on alphas and mods. In general, the colors and textures of PMK SA just match the theme so well; it makes everything else seem like a cheap knock off. Hopefully Mito already has samples…

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I’m just happy for another round of PBT MT3. I honestly don’t care about the colorway, but Godspeed is good. I’ll be going after the Ares set.

This will be my third MT3 buy. For me, there is no other profile that matters. Even people that don’t have a single clue as to what the mech hoopla is about (my co-workers) are irresistibly drawn to the caps. You kind of have to see them and touch them IRL to get it. Especially with Box Navies, they’re killer.

Feel comes first. They could color them the color of dog shit for all I care. It’d be difficult to see the legends, but whatever. I probably should never be a keycap designer.


They really do sound and feel good (both profile and texture). I like them best on tactile switches. They feel heavenly on my 67g Zealios.

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Man, this looks nice. I hope it goes into GB soon, because it’s a really slick looking set.

Probably end of November judging by the dates the classified sets will be revealed.

Come on Mito, run GMK Godspeed

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I’m in on this and most other MT3 being put out from this point forward. Is all the MT3 offerings going to be PBT?

The Susuwatari on massdrop now is MT3 profile and doubleshot ABS, but no tooling is being made for international kits as far as I know. Would be all over that kit otherwise.

I probably should have been able to figure that out on my own, but thanks :slight_smile:

Shut up and take my money! The only hard decision about this set for me is going to be which keyboard to put it on…

I was hoping GMK would be Godspeed’s next destination too. Mito has teased it a few times so I do believe it will happen, when though is anyone’s guess. Even though I would’ve preferred to see GMK Godspeed first, I’m glad to see MT3 gaining popularity & I think this set will be a big one for it! I’ll hopefully be grabbing an Ares set from this GB!

I think I’m alone in finding them hard to type on because the scooped-out tops make it hard for me to glide from key-to-key. Theyre cool-looking for sure though.

I don’t think you’re alone, violetviceroy. I think it entirely depends on your typing form and preferences as to whether you like them or not. The people I’ve demoed them to, who are in my age group (50+), absolutely adore them. I’m building a board for my brother-in-law with MT3 on top of Box Navies. He tried out all the boards in our house, which along with my son’s, amount to 13 at latest count. He kept coming back to my board. It was the only one with the MT3. Son had Box Navies with SP SA on another board. So, the determining factor was keycaps.

That’s a boring and anectodal story, but it matches the design aesthetic of the profile, which was to be a throwback to what I and others in my age group grew up with. We learned to type on manual typewriters. At my school, the idea was that anyone who could type on a manual could easily transition to an electric. Also, manuals were dirt cheap compared to electric. The first time I touched an electric was in college. I still wrote all my papers on a 1940s era Royal, but I lusted after an IBM Selectric. You know what I’m saying? The computer I got to use was a Burroughs Mainframe accessed by terminal.

I figure Matteo made this profile for me. And I’m so happy that he did that I could kiss him. SA is disappointing, but only in comparison. If there were no MT3, I’d be an SA partisan, thinking it was the best I could do. The thing that you don’t like about the profile is the thing I love most.

There’s nothing wrong with well-made caps in other profiles, and I’m cool with Cherry profile and cylindrical tops, it’s just that I have a choice. And I know which way I swing. I could sell these things. I had a co-worker ask me if he could buy a set to mount on his shitty ass work board. We’re not allowed to bring our own boards for security reasons, and I completely understand the frustration, but until he tried mine, he didn’t know exactly what was wrong about modern keyboards. Now he knows, because he got to touch and see. I felt like the serpent in the Garden on that one. And of course, the answer was no, the mounts are different.

Sorry to ramble.