Godspeed MT3 PBT | Massdrop


I would love to see the micons kit for this set !

I love godspeed set, but I personally think canvas would have been a better fit, considering the typography is ideally realized though PBT dye-subbing.

BTW - is @mito not on keebtalk?


I maybe the exception but I actually like Godspeed’s PBT colors more than ABS.


This is the main reason I like to 3D print in PLA, the colors are quite brighter than other plastics. Every plastic has it’s tradeoffs though. PLA can actually warp during shipping if left in a vehicle on a hot summer day, so I’ll have to solve that issue before shipping cases next summer (probably with a warning and recommending PETG).


Glad to hear it, that’s an interesting history. And I think youre right because I my dad has the same memories of typing classes (which he apparently failed, twice). I suspect thats also part of the appeal of the hi-pro topre profile as well because when Ive typed on them at meet-ups they feel quite similar.


I agree. I like the muted look. I think my favorite Godspeed thus far has been the XDA set.


FYI Susuwatari is less than 15 orders way from a major price break, down to $100!


unfortunately i’m going to have to pass even if it reaches 1000 due to wallet constraints :frowning:


I also would have been a diehard SA fan if I had never experienced MT3. My main work keyboard has Godspeed SA, and my home keyboard has /dev/tty Elvish. The only other profile I’ve typed on since getting into mechanical keyboards is DSA, and while the PBT texture of DSA Granite felt great, I wasn’t a big fan of the low-profile or uniform flat sculpt.

I differ a bit from you and your compatriots, though. I never learned to type on any typewriter (though I have typed on an electric before for something in high school), and I never experienced typing on a high profile before Godspeed SA. Also I’m 34. Perhaps I’m an old soul :slight_smile:

While I love the colorway of Godspeed SA, I can’t wait to see how Godspeed MT3 PBT turns out! Now that Susuwatari is done and surpassed 1000 base kits sold, maybe we’ll see Godspeed MT3 ABS someday in the SA colorway. I do hope Susuwatari turns out well once delivered!


Will there be blank modifiers?


Not a definite answer, but my guess is most likely not. I haven’t seen Godspeed with blanks, and the four legends he’ll be doing are Alphas, Rams, Hiragana, and most likely Cyrillic.

Also don’t think they’re doing Lunar Alphas which is a bummer if true.


My first experience with a tall keycaps was with SA Maxkeys. I did not touched typed then and forced myself to learn proper touch typing. The tall keycaps + the mx clears I had at that moment + newly learning touch typing gave me some pain in my wrists and right hand pinky. After observing that I got scarred, settled that heavy & tall keycaps are not for me and went to zealios 65 + DSA’s. The pain slowly went away and my typing went better and faster. After that I tried cherry profile and felt just better to type on, the angles clearly helped and I dropped DSA too. After a while, I bought a dev tty MT3 out of curiosity and impulse, even I was pretty sure it may be also too high as the SA. For my surprise, the moment I felt those scoopes under all my fingers I fell in love :)) I’ve corrected my hands positions a bit and I can now type pretty much all day at work without getting too much fatigue. I love the completely different feel in switches the MT3 give me, and a deeper thockyer sound. As material feel, I kind of like ABS over PBT, especially the wet-ish feel + grip it seems to give. I joined the Susuwari GB and looking forward to feel a board of MT3 ABS :slight_smile: The tricky thing I find now is to declutter all the hoarded keyboard stuff, and more than than it’s difficult when I enjoy all of my remaining boards (5) and more than that, how to handle all the different & number of keycap sets I have stashed :))


Between your comments and @beaker’s comments on MT3 feel, my love of all things NASA-in-the-60s, and the fact that I got into this hobby a bit too late to catch earlier rounds of Godspeed, I’m pretty fired up for this GB. Hopefully it remains relatively immune from the MOQ struggles that a lot of recent keycap GBs seem to have been suffering.


I’m gonna join MT3 Godspeed as well, the orange micons mods + base :slight_smile:
My next curiosity that demands satisfaction is MT3 profile on my FC660c that currently uses the stock sliders + hyperspheres. I’m kinda in my white / beige hype with the keyboards, and would love to put the orange Godspeed stuff on the FC660c :


I will definitely be picking up the Russian kit. The normal alphas would be great too but I have to see if I can afford them.


That FC660C is an absolute unit. I have it in black × black myself.

I’m a Topre boi myself, and MT3 Godspeed will be my first keyset GB that is not for a Topre. Looking forward to furnish future ErgoDox EZ and Planck with this.


Edit: Is there any renders for ErgoDox? I didn’t see any in the render gallery.


I tried this profile at the SoCal meetup and I felt that it didn’t have enough surface area for my fingers. It felt noticeably less than SA and my fingers would frequently miss.

It might have just been an artifact of typing while standing, though.


Damn! This is the first time I heard of this set! I really like the colors and the set in general.
Too bad the GB ended because I would be down for that set. :confused:


This set hasn’t run yet. It’ll be happening in December!


This GB hasn’t even started yet & will be hosted on Massdrop so plenty of time to get ready for it man! The original SA & XDA GB are the ones that have come & gone. Godspeed is an awesome colorway, but I still think it is best represented in ABS with the gray alpha legends & white modifier legends.

Something about that extra little bit of contrast really does it for me. That said I think I’ll be getting in on this GB as well to finally get a set of MT3 caps for myself. I tried them at Keycon earlier this year (DevTTY set) & loved the feel they give, but haven’t picked up a set yet.


I agree with you on the ABS colorway. If Susuwatari does well, maybe we’ll see a Godspeed MT3 ABS though!