Godspeed MT3 PBT | Massdrop


i had heard this set was coming back, but didn’t realize it was going to be the MT3 sculpt until now. i love my /dev/tty set so my interest in this just skyrocketed haha


Sooo… No update for 28/11 yet?


Mito just posted the Minuteman kit.


glow in the dark DSA kit. wow never would have guessed that


Minuteman is going to be nice. sad it’s not mt3 though.


Does anyone know why minuteman is in DSA when the base kit is mt3? Was it just something they wanted to get made and were able to include since they were already getting so many caps made? Would have been really cool to get it mt3 to be able to use as a base or mix and match modifiers etc. That being said - all of this looks amazing and I’m seriously afraid of how much money is gonna get thrown at this lol


Probably because only SP can produce glow-in-the-dark keycaps rn. This’ll be their first set, so maybe in the future someone can copy the technology (lol)



No MT3 == No buy


When I asked, he responded that the changes in color for XDA were not because of PBT, but he’d wanted the changes in the XDA set to come closer to what he’d wanted for ABS. I asked if the colors for MT3 were going to be the same as XDA, and he said that they were.


Apparently @MiTo saw my post here, and contacted me to clarify a few things. Though it was true that the XDA was not that color because of PBT, this new MT3 PBT will be back to more saturated and vivid colors - not at all like the pastels of XDA, so that’s good news! I liked XDA and still have it on one of my daily drivers, but really do love the more vivid colors of the SA better.


Yeah it seems like it will fall somewhere between SA and XDA in terms of colour saturation.


@Nebulant posted pictures of Godspeed from the norcal meetup.


Oh dang… those colors look really super good. I was not terribly impressed with the XDA colors, but these look great … I might have to join this one!

Time to figure out how to pump up the ol’ hobby budget over the weekend :sweat_smile:


Colours will be slightly less saturated according to MiTo so don’t expect it to look exactly like this. This according to convo on Massdrop.


Aww nuts. The saturation level in the photo looks perfect to me :ok_hand:


I agree. Hopefully it’ll be closer to this. Maybe we’ll get to see prototypes before the drop closes?


I wasn’t going to get this, but these pictures makes it much more appealing than the renders on the website. Hope we get pictures of final colors before the drop!

That off-white looks really nice.


New pics in the drop discussion show the colours probably more accurately. They’re only slightly less saturated than the meetup Flickr photos so that’s a win to me!


Oh dang, that really does look great. I need more keyboards for all these sets :sob: