Good alternative to Tribosys 3203 for making Ergo Clears?

Continuing the discussion from [GB] Tribosys 3203 Thin Switch Lubricant:

I asked in this thread whether Tribosys 3203 (which is currently on GB phase) would be good lube to make some Ergo Clears. I was told by OP that, while such lube works great for tactiles, it might provoke a somewhat muted sound.

Since I didn’t want to hijack that thread, I created this one for asking you guys which would be a good alternative lube for Ergo Clears.

Hm, there was mkawa thin mix, but I don’t know if anyone is selling that anymore. Maybe on classifieds.

They are still selling his thick mix though.

But the question is: do you even need alternatives?

I’m a beginner in the switch lubing game, so sorry if the question is a bit silly, but… what would be preferable for tactile switches such as Ergo Clears? Thin or Thick?

Good question. I am just trying to find out what my options are. The Tribosys 3203 might be enough for starting out, though.

It depends on your taste. If I were you, I would try Krytox 203 on two or three switches and then Krytox 204, and just see what you like better.

If you’re asking me personally, I’d probably go with Tribosys 3204.

Not just for starters. Tribosys lineup should be pretty much the best stuff on the market right now.

But ask someone else too, I was away from the keyboard community for a few years so I might not be up to date.

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I started using Kyrtox VPF 1514 for a 68g ergo clear conversion and it feels reasonably good so far. Doesn’t wash out the tactility too aggressively.


I’m on the same boat as @heroyjenkins. I’ve been a really big fan of VPF 1514 lately (planning on buying a half oz bottle for myself). I only made my first batch of ergo clears with them last night (historically I’ve used the techkeys thin blend), but I have high hopes for them. I’ll probably be using those switches tonight for my next build.

@Quakemz would be a great source of knowledge to PM on Discourse or Reddit for possible lube suggestions.

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I don’t find that 1514 does anything for stems feeling-wise. Side by side testing with fully lubed (1514) stem feels exactly the same as non-lubed. Sound-wise it dampens the clack a bit. 1514 is great for springs though. Squeaky spring? Put some 1514 oil on it. I usually dip my springs in 1514 and let them dry off on a paper towel.

I’ve been using GPL 204 on all of my stems lately. Most people would tell you not to use a thicker lube on tactile legs, but I really like it on my clears. I favor the way a thicker lube feels on tactile switches. I think that’s why it’s important to try it out for yourself and don’t just take other’s advice blindly.

I haven’t made ergo clears, but I love a thin layer of 3204 on 67g zealios. It may take a little bit of the sharpness out of the bump, but the tactility is by no means dampened. Then again I like noticable, but smooth tactility (hence, why my Box Royals are collecting dust).

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I made Ergo Clears with Super Lube Oil, very thin layer and it worked great. :slight_smile: