Good boards for silencing?

Can anyone recommend some custom kits that are either naturally quiet, or amenable to silencing?

I have some decent dampened switches, and would like to put them in a board that will maximize their characteristics.

I’m looking for something at least 65% in size, materials don’t matter.

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I think it’s more about how you tailor the keyboard.

In my eyes, the case/keycap materials, plate type, switch type, lube and mods are all going to contribute to how audible your keyboard is.

Heavier / denser materials are typically going to result in a deeper tone.

I went for a silent build on my current keyboards.

  • Zilent V2 switches springs and stems bag lubed 62g lubed with 3203 and filmed
  • 4mm EVA foam between the plate and the PCB.
  • Stabs clipped, lubed with 205 (IIRC), and band aid modded.
  • Butyl sound deadening on the top/bottom case housings and under the space bar (I would line the inside of the other keycaps, but there isn’t enough room under the rest of the keycaps.).
  • ABS Cherry and ADA keycaps.

You can also add a desk mat, or mouse pad under your keyboard, to help deaden the sound.


Thanks. It just seems to me from videos that some boards are easier than others to silence. Some are metallic boards with ample space inside, and can be quite pingy, hollow, and echoey. Then, there’s videos of Tofus that have 10 tons of silencing material inside them, and are on 3 mats.

Seems to me something like a Tofu65 would be a good candidate for a small board. I’ve seen even the stock KBD75 made into a quiet board in a Silent Alpaca review. The question this raises in my mind is whether the polycarb PLA75 would be even quieter.

But yes, I would probably just try to have a board squared away and dampened as much as possible, no matter the manufacturer. There are step-by-step guides on dampening a GMMK and Zhuque, which shows how a common or inexpensive board like those can be quieted.