Got a lot of switches, any recommendations to throw them together?


so i ordered allot of different switches and i want to try lots of different combinations. Which switches would you mod together? This could be fun :slight_smile:

List of Swithces:

  • Dragon Fruit
  • Dusk Panda Orange Tactile
  • Durock Light Tactile Burgundy
  • Durock L3 Switch Clear Housing
  • Durock L2 Switch Clear Housing
  • Durock L4 Switch
  • Kailh BOX Burnt Orange Single Switch
  • Kailh Pro Plum
  • Koala Switch
  • Gateron Blue (KS-9)
  • CMM.Studio X Gateron Limbo Switch
  • TTC Blueish White Switch
  • Tacit V2 Switch
  • Gateron CJ Switch
  • TTC Pink Switch
  • Dusk Panda Switches Blue Linear
  • Gateron Yellow Ink
  • Healio (V2) Switch Single Switch
  • Gazzew Bobagum
  • DUROCK Silent Tactile T1 - Shrimp
  • Gazzew Boba U4
  • Gazzew Boba U4T
  • Tecsee Carrot Switch
  • Tecsee Purple Panda Switch
  • Tecsee Sapphire Switch
  • C³Equalz X TKC Kiwi Switch
  • Cow Switches (Uhmwpe Ver.) Mango
  • Halo True
  • C³Equalz Macho
  • C³Equalz Tangerine

Well, I see u have the things to make Deadpool’s at first glance. Actually no, but Lemon lush. And here are some other recipes

And a whole thread about Frankenswitches here


Thanks, i will try them out! :slight_smile: i will experiment on my own allot too

ive added 3 switches to the bottom which i forgot

Be careful with the yellow ink stem. It can damage other switch bottoms.

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Pro Plum stem in Boba housing at about 68 G

Halo True stem in Boba housing 62-68 G makes Holy Bobas

Dragon Fruit Stem [Durock Medium Tactile] in T1 housing at 65-67 G makes Twilight

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