Greetings and salutations


Was a lurker some time before I noticed how pleasant this forum seemed to be, so I decided to join.

Father of two, house-bound, king of parental leave, Linux enthusiast among other things. I enjoy betterment- and streamlining of workflows and tasks as I’m severally allergic to tediousness. Also notoriously out of touch with contemporary culture and/or media by design, for better or for worse :wink:

Keebwise I started out on a Poker II, moved onto a WASD V2 – had a loong hietus as I moved my stationary computing to an X230 laptop and brought a couple of kids into the world. The interest and need for a mechanical keyboard was reborn with Covid-19 and a career change mid-2020 where I exchanged my screwdriver and ruler for email and phone. The WASD have served me well but it provides little in terms of ergonomics or customisability.

Currently learning Colemak-DHm while awaiting my atreus62_ft which should arrive in a week or so along with a santawife package containing blank XDA caps. Looking forward to my first QMK compatible board and the possibilities it brings.

Ha det gött,


Greetings and welcome!

I try not to speak for anybody else, but I think it’s safe to say we’re glad to have you here. I look forward to seeing your build - I hadn’t heard of the atreus62 before; what a rad keeb.



Hope you like it here. :wave::slightly_smiling_face:


Allergic to tediousness

Don’t I feel this. Lubing switches is hands down my last favorite part of the hobby! Welcome friend :grin:


Welcome! Hope you enjoy your atreus62, small keyboards with QMK are a fascinating niche of this hobby. So much potential for optimizing work flow with tap-dance/home-row-mods and layering.

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Can’t wait to see your Atreus built.

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Hilsen fra Norge til min keeb-nabo i øst :wink:

(Greetings from Norway to my keeb-neighbor in the east)

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