Grid 650 review

After spending a month with the grid 650, here is my full review! In around 4,700 words, I cover the curvy design, the hybrid mounting system, the modular top pieces, and the Bluetooth capabilities of the keyboard.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the grid 650 or feedback on my review! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Great review as always! I’m so there with you on the flash + array modules, after considering it for a bit I just went with 01 Classic for the standard pen rail, I knew i’d get sick of the flashiness of the others, especially when the rest of the design is already so striking.


Thank you! I think the 01 Classic module will look really nice! Which color chassis did you go for?

Opted for an e-white chassis and a silver module. I was almost going to go for a black module but it’s going to sit at an iMac in my living room so i figured silver would match a little better :slight_smile:

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Very nice - looking forward to seeing your build! :slight_smile:

Excellent review - I appreciate all the details. I’m looking forward to putting this together, and I’m also looking forward to giving the polycarb plate a try when it becomes available.

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Thank you for reading! Same here on the polycarb plate haha

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This is the cleanest/nicest review page I’ve seen. Nice Work!

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That’s super kind of you – thanks very much! :blush:

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