Happy Birthday Keebtalk! 🥳

I stumbled on here after looking up to see if anyone had tried to use diamond polish on their switches as well as to see what else Frankenswitching had in store and was NOT disappointed as @donpark , @Deadeye , @pixelpusher , and a handful of others not only gave me the info I desired, but did so in the most “anti-Reddit” way possible.

I have since tried my best to offer up tidbits and advice I have picked up along the way and always try my best to keep this place a much more positive place than Reddit or the multitude of other Discord servers I belong to. The few small blips of negativity, snark, and outright butt-headed-ness that I have seen have been countered with kindness and those folks have seemingly moved on or just spectate now.

By far, the thing that leeps me coming back (aside from keeping tabs on some of the most enthusiastic folks in this hobby) is the amount of knowledge and input and care that is in this forum. It DEFINITELY puts anything else out there to shame, but in the kindest way possible :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Happy BDay KeebTalk! :tada::birthday::partying_face: