Heavy tactile switches to substitute Glorious Pandas

I am currently using lubed Glorious Pandas on my keyboard, but I feel there’s something amiss. I realised that I am too heavy handed typist for this particular switch, and when typing for long sessions -that describes most of my workdays- it starts feeling weird; more “mushy” than tactile.

So, I was wondering if there are equally good switches out there, but “heavier”, i.e. more resistive before the bump and a bit more difficult to bottom out.


I had similar “not enough” feel with GP craving more tactility. Later I tried Tecsee Purple Pandas which have stronger yet smoother tactility and less ping IMO, so I kept them my favourites for quite long time until very recent surprise with Epomaker Budgerigar. Although this switch is rated 55gf the bump feels more pronounced and whole travel surprisingly smoother at the same time. I am quite astonished how good they are stock (factory lubed) for their price. The only downside you may find is that they bottom out very loud. Being available on Amazon make them quite accessible to try and return if you don’t find them to your taste.

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I read somewhere about the Mechs on decks Anubis. Does anyone has experience on them?

@LASERman71 thanks for the suggestion. I will look them up.

Perhaps Gazzew U4T or U4Tx might be to your liking.

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I have been enjoying the feel of Geon’s “Clear” tactile switches. Very snappy with a satisfying tactile bump.

They come in at $0.51/switch which is a little more wallet-friendly, but you are still getting great feeling & sounding switches made by Tecsee and blessed by Geon. :grin:

If you are looking to “Try Before You Buy” you might want to look at @milktooth’s website, where they will send you several switches to try out, so no need to give Jeff Bezos more money :+1:


@d3L7r0n Bezos embezzling… :smiley:

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@mf68 I think that the Boba’s are too similar to GP. I am looking for something that will have a bit more resistance. Ideally, a switch that will not get pressed by just resting my finger on it. On the other hand, I am a bit afraid that by going for something as extreme as Cherry MX Clear or Grey might prove a waste of money and too stressful for my fingers.

I have to admit. I am utterly confused :slight_smile: I am looking for something with an early bump like the GPs, but with more resistance in actuation and in bottoming out. I noticed that despite the fact that GPs are much better than what I used to type on, almost every keystroke bottoms out and their travel before bottoming does not feel as satisfying as I would like too. Do I make any sense?

@Praetor I understand. We probably have the same typing style and weight preference. I never tried the Glorious Pandas, but yes these may be very similar to the Gazzews.

Myself, I started out with Cherry MX Clears, but I would no longer recommend those; too much stem wobble, which is nefast when using a tall profile like SA.

What you else could do, is replacing the spring in your Pandas with a heavier spring. 72-80g Korean stainless steel springs might be your thing.

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If you’re really courageous, you could try zeal clickiez in tactile mode. Most delicious, meaty feeling tactility I’ve ever experienced, but holy moly are they too heavy for my light fingers.

More realistically, have you considered Box Royals?


This is probably not the answer, but Gateron Root Beer Float switches are said to be a little punchier than Gateron Holy Panda X:

  • Fresh out of the box, the Gateron Holy Panda X switches are quite a bit smoother than the Gateron Root Beer Float switches. This applies to both the linear portions of their stem travel as well as the stem/leaf interaction point as well.

  • Even though these two switches have fairly similar force curve profiles, all things considered, the Root Beer Float switches feel just a touch bit more punchy and pointed in their tactile bump than the Holy Panda X switches.

  • Comparing the sound of the Root Beer Float and Holy Panda X switches, the Root Beer Floats have a slightly more rounded, complex sound as compared to the fairly plasticky collisions of the HPX. It’s not as if there is much of a different tone or pitch in the Root Beer Floats, rather that their sound is just more complex on the whole.

Also worth noting are the Momoka Shark,

  • While the tactile bump of the Momoka Sharks is demonstrably stronger than that of the Root Beer Floats, the fact that it occupies such a small portion of the total travel distance of the stem causes the bump to feel much smaller than the Root Beer Float’s tactile bump.

When I think of something that may be heavier at the top than Holy Pandas, I think of something like a Zealio V2. Maybe one of the variants that is said to be a little more tactile [newer housing.]

You don’t want to go too heavy on the spring with Zealio V2, I think, as it may moderate the tactility. Even the 67 G is said to be a little mellower than the 62 G.

I’m not into heavy tactiles, but I encounter alternatives to HPs while reading.

-The Moyu Blacks are said to be a little sharper than regular HPs

-The Harimau seem to be pretty strong, inspired by strong frankenswitches:

-You probably won’t depress a Gateron Kangaroo Ink by mistake, but who knows?

-The Tecsee Sapphire are said to have a long and relatively balanced bump.

Overall, though, the Zealio Clickiez in tactile mode would probably offer a lot of tactile resistance.


BTW, I found that the “Haimu WS Heavy Tactile” is not easy to accidentally actuate.

I guess you could put an even heavier spring in, if you needed to.

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You can look into Baby Kangaroos if you need a nice little tactile with a lighter spring than a Kangaroo Ink.

Azure Dragons V3s are also nice. They use the same stem as the Baby Kangaroos, but with a POM bottom and a little bit heavier spring.

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Some other switches said to be more tactile than HPs:

-Lumia Bitter Tea

-Polia stems in Durock Sunflower housings

-Coffee Chip Ice Cream w dual stage 67g spring

These aren’t necessarily harder to accidentally actuate than HPs, though. For that, I would try a heavy Kangaroo Ink switch, the Harimau, Sapphire, WS Heavy, and especially tactile Clickiez.

what happened to buying a realforce 55g TKL and lubing topre switches with newtonian fluid?
are we too good for that as a community?
have we strayed too far from god?

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Yep, that went down the drain, together with capitalising the first letter of a sentence… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all guys for your wonderful suggestions. To be honest being spoiled with choices left me even more confused. I checked review of all the switches you suggested and I have concluded to these finalists:

  • Azure Dragon V3 (higher actuation point than GPs)
  • Gateron Kangaroo Box Ink (too expensive though)
    -Zilents V2 78g (I have really no clue how they compare to the GPs and the rest switches suggested)
    -Harimau (difficult to find)

I would get the Zealio clickiez, but it’s been quite some time that I left clicky switches behind me


I’m glad that you’ve found useful suggestions.

The Azure Dragon V3 seems to be a heavier Baby Kangaroo. This means you could probably put in an even heavier spring, if need be.

Seems to be 67 G 18mm 2-stage, so maybe a heavier 18mm 2-stage spring would work, as well.

Doing so might end up similar to respringing a Kangaroo Ink, so you could scratch that one off your list. [EDIT: Trying a Kangaroo Ink sample could be very educational, nonetheless. If they fit needs out-of-box, they could be worth .90 cents a switch.]

For Zilents, I suspect the Aqua Zilent is a little more tactile. Unless the regular Zilents have been updated to match them, which may have happened.

They can definitely be re-springed. Probably 14mm or 15mm springs are safest, like TX. Those work with Zealio V1, at least. Maybe start with 15mm 78 G.

There is a 25% sale at Zeal PC right now, which is as high as it goes. Maybe a good time to pick up Zilent + Clickiez samples [just 10x switches each].

The Harimau seems promising, but yeah, I’ve never seen one.

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Like Harimau, these may also be promising:

Plausibly, heavier springs might be possible if necessary.

It appears that Zealios V2 78g are sold out. Only Zilents are available :confused: Are they comparable to the “regular” Zealios when it comes to stiffness and tactility?

Are there any other tactile switches with smooth action and stiff spring? Mind you I live in EU so most of the “exotic” switches are out of my reach.

Zilents are basically Zealio V2 with some dampening added.

They should be as tactile as regular Zealios, except insofar as the dampening may reduce tactility. But they are just dampened Zealio V2, for the most part.

And yes, they are some of the most resistant silent tactiles currently available.

If 78 G are not available, and only 67 G, that’s not a big deal. You can always put in your own 78 G springs later. Lubed aftermarket springs are probably superior to what Gateron [Zealio manufacturer] are using.

Again, the classic heavy tactile with smooth action and stiff spring is probably the earlier-mentioned Gateron Kangaroo Ink.

It’s a heavy-tactile like Zealio V2, but with a weird 2-stage spring that makes it feel different on the upstroke. It’s also an Ink switch, so it may already be pre-lubed for you.

The KTT Matcha / Carpinteria is a pretty stiff medium-tactile that could likely take a more powerful spring. Matcha is available on AliExpress, but overall this probably isn’t one of the most available switches in Europe.

If U4 or U4T Boba are available in Europe, that housing should be able to handle at least 78 G. Use the stock U4T and heavy-spring it. Or put any Panda-like stem in any Boba tactile housing, and use a heavy spring. Should be top-mounted tactility. You don’t need to lube much with these, just the spring and parts of the stem. Easy.

If JWK / Durock are more common, you could get a Durock Midnight, which is a medium-tactile stem inside a T1 housing. (Or just make your own.) Put a punchy spring in there. With a 22mm heavy spring in there [I know they will fit in Durock Medium Tactile], it would be hard for me to accidentally depress the switch.

EDIT: The Midnights you could get or make today may not be as punchy as the original, so better to try Boba first, if available.

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