HHKB: Now in SNOW?

@linch I’ll lay out what happened.

Back in the day, I got a black Pro 2. Super high edge on the spacebar, keycaps were what they were. Later, I figured, hey, can’t read these caps, and I got a set of replacement caps in the gray / light gray.

Fast forward to last night, was taking caps off my HHKB Classic. The HHKB Classic, HHKB Snow, and those new colored keycap Esc and Control all felt heavier and thicker than the caps from the Pro 2 era.

Its just an eyeball test, but in that photo they look to be different thicknesses to me. And they feel different. They make a different sound when dropping them on a table. The old Pro 2 era caps, what I’m saying are more thin, make a higher pitched sound than the newer caps.

Ok, and no, I just mean PFU or PFU’s USA shop vs Amazon or some other seller. PFU would be more likely to have the latest stuff in stock, other sellers could still have old stock, was my thinking.


And well no they don’t have the keycaps on the site… Ok, sorry to start this whole panic. I’ll make a sound test video.

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Ok, so I didn’t expect to get into videos…

This is super rough. Hopefully this helps.

I will defer to @Manofinterests or other Keeb elders on the exact difference here, I don’t have calipers or a nicer A/V setup for videos

Pro 2 era key on the left; HHKB Classic key on the right

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I want those green and blue mods.

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Really hoping to snag this board + a few keysets when it drops.

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Being someone who is a huge fan of HHKBs (have a 300BN, yellowed Pro 1, white Pro 1, and two Pro 2s), I’m so jealous you managed to snag that blank set. So good!


Bought mine off buyee and it’s already shipping to the US from Japan. Pretty good service :+1:t2:

Sure hope they saved a few of those white blanks for the US market



Here’s hoping they’re right :pray:


I have a feeling they may be selling other blanks not just snow white in the US, or at least i hope :pray:

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Really hope this is the case! We need more blank sets out there (not in just white, if possible :grin: )


Has there been any word on when the white HHKB/blank caps will be available in the US?

Can confirm, I literally tuned my HHKB using your video :smiley:

Unfortunately no news on a US release yet, but I may purchase as many as my wallet allows, just to make sure collectors can pick these up at cost.

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Looks like they’re all sold out. :confused: I hope they end up setting aside an allocation for US-based customers.

@HHKB_RF_US tweeted earlier that they are going to sell the snow edition at the US store today but then deleted the tweet. It is probably around the corner…


Yes!!! If I could like this post 1000 times I would. Thanks for sharing!


Any mention of the blank caps or was the tweet just about the board? :eyes:

Don’t remember if they mentioned the keycaps. The tweet showed up on the lock screen but disappeared when I opened it

Thanks for letting us know @linch! I don’t use Twitter so I’ve just been refreshing the store page every couple of days.

Just to be sure, this is the official store right?


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Yeah, that’s their official storefront for the US


Not affiliated at all, but the hhkb snow preorder page is live on mechanicalkeyboards.

Why is the logo there for our version :cry: