Hi, I'm jiezhou

I’m jiezhou from Guangzhou, China.
I like mech keyboards and I have been in this community for a while. I have one mod Topre HHKB and many HHKB-layout MX keyboards. Usually switch among them from time to time for daily usage.
I used to show up as another id hhkbp2, but some friends said it’s hard to pronounce. So here I’m, to register a new id.

Have a good day!


Hello jiezhou!

Welcome to the community.

What’s your favorite board?

Thanks. I like my mod HHKB a lot and I also enjoy some other builds: LSJ Ares with vintage black switches, Duck Viper V2 with Holy Gsus, KN2.10 with Zealios.

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Welcome ! Post some pics of your boards :smiley:

Part of what I have:

It should be in a few days that I will receive some resin 6u SA spacebars to match the SA keyset for my mod HHKB.


Lovely boards! Welcome to the community!

Welcome to KT man! Awesome collection you got going on there, all very impressive looking boards! That CA66 with the BoW caps looks super clean! What sliders did you use for making your HHKB MX compatible (awesome caps on it BTW!)? I’ve been on the fence about doing that to my 660C, but the damn thing types so nice & smooth with the stock sliders I’m almost afraid to change them, LOL!

Thanks! I used novatouch sliders to mod my HHKB. Yeah, I tried other sliders too but the novatouch ones are the best. The stock Topre sliders and keycaps are very good, you would not like to mod it to be mx compatible unless you badly want to use other MX keycaps. I understand your hesitation because it’s unrecoverable - you have to drill holes for stabs. If you don’t have the budget/chance to source the novatouch sliders, I would not suggest you to make this change.

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Nice, yeah Novatouch sliders seem the only way to really get MX compatibility while retaining the original feel of Topre. I have heard the MX sliders from Realforce RGB models work just as well, but there is very little info out there from anyone who actually swapped them into a 660C or HHKB. Anyways thanks for the tips & I look forward to seeing you around here in the future! :wink:

RF RGB stabs are a completely new design and I don’t think they will work on regular Topre plates.

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I see, that explains why I’ve only heard whispers of people using them to make HHKBs & 660C MX compatible. :+1:


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Received the customized 6U SA spacebar from ZMKC. A very nice piece of work. Light weight, solid construction, proper fit to MX stems. And it matches the SP color code GD really closely.

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Nice boards, welcome aboard :slight_smile: