Hi, I'm Rico


Hello keeb lovers,

My name is Eric but everybody calls me Rico.

I started my mechanical journey with an IBM model M when I was student.

Now I am a proud owner of two Filcos (one TKL with Cherry Blues, one full size with Cherry Browns) and a Topre Realforce with variable key weights and all in Azerty ISO layout (I’m a frog eater :p).
They are 8 years old and are still doing strong.

I’m doing keyboard repairs for friends and collegues in my spare time, just posted a guide on this forum if some of you are interested and afraid to do that themselves:

I recently came back to lurk in keyboard forums and discovered that a lot of things had changed radically:

  • So much choice for Cherry switches!
  • So much gorgeous customs in GB!

I got excited again and began designing my own keyboard.
It is still a work in progress and takes a huge amount of time but hope in the near future I will have MY own keyboard to type on.
By doing that I have to give my huge respect to all these great case and PCB designers out there, it is really a very complex and time consuming task.

See you!


Welcome Rico! I’m new as well.

Do you find yourself using your different boards for different purposes, or do you just switch between them when you feel like it? Or are they just attached to different computers… :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Forum, Uncle Rico. :partying_face:

I highly recommend a desoldering iron. You can have those switches out in 10min flat



Second that recommendation - so, so much less painful. Expensive, but if you’re planning on doing even a small number of builds and you value your time, it’s essential.


The price hurts a little bit :wink:
But yes you’re right if I have to do that every weekend I should to buy this thing.
Thank you very much for your advice, I’ll consider it in my future purchases.


Hello Gord!

The Topre board is used at work.

The full size Filco is my daily driver at home, I used it so much that the Cherry Browns are now super smooth and not scratchy anymore (saw the difference with brand new switches).

The TKL Filco is most of the time in it’s box as it is very noisy, I use it sometimes with my laptop. Too bad because I love clicky switches.