Hi I'm Ripster (no really!)


Just curious if I am banned yet.


There was another Ripster… how would we know if you were the real deal?


I love how this has been flagged already.




I messaged /u/ripster55 on Reddit to double verify - because you are extra special to us :grin:





Well well, your community exit was well before my time, but I guess this is me replying to the post of a legend for one reason or another. Thank you starting r/mk! It began my descent.




The mods should have a ceremonial banning of Ripster once a year. Like our version of Burning Man. I’d mark my calendar for that. We could all post pics of hoisting a beer in front of our keyboards. “Here’s to Ripster!” and then we wake up on our neighbor’s back porch and the cycle begins anew.


seconded, thanks for making me spend too much money.


What donut is your favorite from blue star? Gotta know if you are really from portland…


I still have a MeKeBo Buck. What can I redeem it for?


Still wanting to get you on Top Clack, Ripster. Even if you voice and face are masked. lol


Couldnt have said it better.


Who is ripster? runs and hides


You need to make this happen!


LOL. I have this theory that the Ripster is a mythological being like Santa Claus and Slash. He exists because we need him to exist.


I feel like this is the most legitimising thing that could have happened on this forum


Hello dad!