Hi, I'm Thana

Hi, I’m Thana and I’ve been trying to learn everything I can about custom mechanical keyboards this year. I’ve been really pleased with my first build which is the following:

60% acrylic Tofu from KBDfans
60% HTE from 1upkeyboards
Krelbos (74g spring, Tribosys 3204, Novelkeys Cream housings, Cherry MX silent stems)
EnjoyPBT Sushi

I live in the Bay Area and I seem to prefer lightly buttered linears. I’m currently researching spring weights and force curves, waiting for UHMWPE stems to put into leftover Cherry silent housings and plan on trying to tune some Creams and Inks in the near future.

It’s been an exciting year and I’m thankful to the community for being so resourceful and welcoming and driving so much innovation ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶


Do you like salted or unsalted butter for linears?


Welcome to Keebtalk!


Welcome to the site, that’s a pretty awesome first build! You should post some pics of it in the “Post Your Keyboards!” thread.

Thanks for the warm welcome (*´ェ`*)

I prefer unsalted butter but I hear salted butter might be good on creams… I’ll try taking some photos of my first build soon!


Welcome! Have you gone to any meetups at all? I’m in the Sacramento area and I’d really like to try and go to the next Nor-Cal meetup, whenever that is. Been out of the scene for a while, but I just recently got back into everything. So much to catch up on!

It’s usually around October-November

Thanks for the welcome! I went to the last Norcal meetup and got to try lots of cool keyboards. There is definitely a lot to know now but that’s where there’s fun to be had. I’m trying to keep my spending down now and avoid buying more…