Hi quality, low cost PBT keycap set PSA

Thanks! I picked up another set. The “yellow” accent kit is more like a burnt yellow in person. It’s a little different than Heavy Industry.

I ended up getting the red, green, blue, and yellow accents from the first round.

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Looks like it’s now being offered with more compatibility

@macclack ah good to know. are the green and blue accent kits really that pale? would you mind sharing a photo in daylight when you get a chance, because i haven’t seen many natural light pictures of any of the keycaps.

@hungermechanic the aqua gradient set right? that one looked good too on a white case.

Actually, I spoke too soon by saying “Aqua.” I just got the green and blue accents. Green is more of a teal colour, I think.

But I hear you on the gradient set. It could be nice for someone.

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And now they have a 9009 variant as well.


How about these babies for <40$ ? In pics the dyesub looks pretty good, and the fonts too

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I’m a huge proponent of the HK Gaming keycaps on Amazon. They’re around $40 and really great quality for the price. I can’t stop recommending them to people because they’re amazing to put on a board (and have the 9009 colorway as well!).


IIRC HK Gaming are the folks that distribute the Durgod Hades 68, which is probably my favorite production / pre-built board out there right now. Since the NK65v2 is all but unobtanium at the moment, I’ve got a Hades set aside for a modding project.

@AdrianMan Kind of wild the things you can find on AliExpress. For a shameless knockoff, those “Metropolis” dye-sub caps look pretty impressive! I’d be interested to see them side-by-side with the original double shot ABS ones. Is it just me or is keycap dye-subbing getting better as time goes by?


@AdrianMan thanks to you I just placed an order for them… we’ll find out in a month or so how they are, I guess!


Here’s a photo of all the accent enter keys in direct daylight. The top one is a Rama Heavy Industry enter key for comparison. I shot it with my phone but it gives general idea by way of comparison.


Here’s another photo that’s not shot in direct sunlight. I think this might be a little better for color accuracy.


@macclack thank you for both pics! would you say the green is similar to 9009 green (it kinda leans that way for me.)

i ended up picking up these accents along with BoW and Vintage on Drop’s recent restock, so I’m looking forward to them.

true! they just released a new set that is essentially budget Serika and I wish they made some colorways that really get back to the basics. Interesting to hear that epbt is meh, that’s what i’ve been hearing recently. I just don’t get epbt because they don’t have win-key replacements for macs.

want the teal space and arrows from this set; i hope these ali sellers make smaller sets. sometimes the mods on a given clone are all i need :slight_smile:

agreed, i wish they’d do BoW or WoB; epbt WoB is underwhelming. and i loved the OEM caps on my Durgod K310 so I’m sure their Cherry sets should be as good if not better quality.

budget serika but only with katakana (?) alphas. i want that too, but i’d only harvest the mods, heh.

the wob set i have sounds really thin compared to leopold pbt. they have a high pitched clinking sound when it’s in a pile; idk. i’m a mac user as well. affordable sets with Cmd or Opt seem to be impossible for now bc it always seems to be a low priority (or even making more neutral mods like Code, Meta, or the diamond symbol.) either we shell out for them, or get terrible add-on keys in white, gray or black that don’t even color match (and or are side print only.)

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yeah i’m glad someone else relates! even having “win” I am fine with, someone in a discord once told me to just think of it as an affirmation instead of an operating system, but from a design perspective i just feel like the windows logo on keysets feels so dated on otherwise super clean layouts and colorways.

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bruh…thats really pushing the lemonade outta lemons angle re: "win"ning LMAO. gmk win key is about as “retro” as i can go; it’s better when the win logo is smaller and off-center.

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TBH I’m not sold on these.

The legends look like they could easily become inconsistent or crooked due to QC issues. I’ve seen that happen when the cheaper AliExpress sets try to push their limits. Surface texture probably won’t be like GMK or ePBT either.

I’m sure it would be okay for a beater build, put it on a white XD87 or something. But I suspect there may be better ways to use $40+ on keycaps.

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I posted some photos of the Accent Keys in the mail thread:

Full link here

I think these are really great. They’re individually wrapped, for some reason, which is great because it will prevent dust and fingerprints.

They arrived really quick. The surface texture is good, reminds me of my ePBT 9009 R4 set from late 2018.

Maybe these are made on KBDFans old tooling? I heard they are making new molds.

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Based on the color and texture, the remind me of the Treecaps Drop ran a while back. I’m wondering if they are from the same manufacturer:

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