Hi this is CrazyDesigners from China

hello guys , this is Crazy Designers from China!

Just like our name, we are a team of crazy designers, and the [Cyberboard] is a big project now we’re working on. The inspiration comes from the Cybertruck of Tesla.

For further information, pls join our discord channel(Angry Miao), thank you!


Lots of people excited about this design. Hope you can elaborate on the led panel on the back. How’s it powered? How is it controlled?

Looking forward to some crazy designs.


Hi Crazy Designers! I’m really looking forward to the Cyberboard :slight_smile:


I am also really starting to look forward to this (and I think I’m coming around to the light panel as well). My only real concern is that it might be too large to fit on my keyboard tray.

Really cool design! Looking forward to see more from you :slight_smile:

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its has 200 rgb LEDs(5*40), support USB 3.0,you can customize the pattern like time, wavy lines and other not too complicated effects.


thanks for the attention!

the dimensions:340.518142.2mm
what do you think?

Will programming the keyboard and programming the LEDs be done through the same program? How will the rear LEDs be controlled. I’m a bit curious about this.

Yes this is what I was wondering too. Are the rear LEDs just presets to cycle through or will they be customizable?

Also will it all be through one USB cable?

Regarding the dimensions, I was a little confused until I realized that the forum was trying to format the numbers because of the asterisks. It should read:

340.5 *181* 42.2mm

That’s not as large as I had expected. I think it should be fine for me.

It looks very good!

Are the LEDs covered with clear smooth plastic? That would make them easy to keep clean.

Sure looks that way for me :grinning:

Ohhh… nice. Sign me up. 武漢加油💪🏻中國加油💪🏻

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We need crazy innovative stuff like this. Keep it up.

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Love the look of this! Also interested in how the LEDs are programmed. As a Linux user, I often get left out of the custom config tools (cough hhkb 3 cough). Fingers crossed!


谢谢 :pray:


2:13 in to this Random Frank P shows a Led thingy that looks like it’s the same thing as this.

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go check cyberboard leds running test