How are you today?

Hi everyone! I am making this thread as a way for people to talk about how you are feeling. Good or bad. We all have good days and we all have bad days and I think this community is extremely kind and helpful compared to the rest. So lets chat and celebrate the awesome (and not so awesome) parts of life. We’ve only got one.


I’ll start. I won “New User of the Month” and finished my second interview with a company. Things are looking up!


Hey hey NUOTM! Welcome. I’m pretty happy today; working my day job and hopefully towards evening I’ll get some time to go set up a new PC on the local pub’s network (I do their IT support, yes in exchange for money but sometimes also for kegs of beer :grin:) Have a great day!


Right on! What’s your day job and what’s your go to beer?

  1. Designer for the local paper.
  2. Belgian golden strong ale (Delirium Tremens is a good example of the style), but I also like IPAs and stouts. You?

Damn i’ll have to look that up, Never heard of it. I like stouts the most. Ive cut back on my drinking considerably. Stouts are always kind of like a dessert to me and I’d say one of my favorites is Elysian Dragonstooth stout. Love the strong coffee flavor on it.

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I like this thread idea :smile: I’m doing well today; a bit backed up with work (and distracting myself with keyboard & homelab stuff >_>) but I have Friday off so I’m more than half way through the week.


Glad to hear! Keyboarding and messing around definitely gets me backed up on the daily. Good for you for a short week. What are you going to do with your free day? @Laughmaster

Definitely like this thread idea - thanks for starting it. Not a bad day today, given the state of the world… working from home, plenty busy, but now the meetings for the day are almost done and should have some good focus time this afternoon. Still need to do a new member intro here sometime soon, and like Laughmaster I’ve got Friday off and looking forward to the long weekend.
There are definitely days that aren’t as good - wondering what the new normal is going to be like, and mourning for all that’s been lost. Time is needed for that…

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Well that is great that you are ahead of things and only have one more day of work! that has gotta feel great
Yeah I would say I struggle a little bit with how things are, and being cooped up. I’ve always been a homebody but just the idea of having to go out and risk getting the virus is a little scary. Plus it is frustrating seeing everyone in my area not take things as seriously and put others and myself at risk. I live in Orlando, FL and its getting bad here. While I don’t know anyone who has passed from this I feel like we have to get a better system in tact. I don’t even know where to begin… @phitz

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Hi Goa! I’m with the other folks in here - I like this idea. Congrats on the interviews! That’s awesome, and I’m rooting for you to get the position with a good salary to boot. As for me…

:notes: I’m super! Thanks for asking! :notes:


I couldn’t resist that… but in seriousness, my state is mixed like a Signature Plastics grab bag. Some great stuff, some neat stuff, some weird stuff, some boring stuff… and some busted stuff. Maybe a little less Big Gay Al and a little more Aesop Rock. Apologies in advance if this is way more than you were asking for - but it’s my day off and I’m kinda stuck inside, and typing is straight up one of my favorite things to do. :upside_down_face:

I’m super thankful for my (relatively) new job, thankful to be enjoying it, and thankful to have gotten out of my small town in the process. @kimslawson That’s pretty cool you design for a paper! I did that for a while myself, and these days I’m a prepress specialist (and occasional designer) at a catalog printer. The town I moved to has so many places to get great stouts, Belgians, IPAs, and everything in-between. One thing I never want for is an ample selection of good beer, and that’s pretty awesome.

I’m also really happy to have recently re-connected with some old friends that happen to live where I moved to. We don’t exactly hang out at the moment, but it’s great to talk with them and know they’re there when we can.

A gift I ordered for my sister arrived after being held up in the mail for months, so I’m excited to finally be able to give it to her. (It’s a pink mouse to go along with the pink keeb I got her a while back - she loves pink.) I’m also pretty stoked about some keeb-related goodies of my own… that makes for its own passive drip-feed of serotonin.

On the other hand, I’m not so excited about the recent worsening of an old upper-spinal injury. It has many effects on my life in general, as well as others when flare-ups or complications happen. Lately it’s been like this:

  • Strong inflammation pain at first - this was really interfering with life for a minute there, now thankfully managed by medication and almost gone.

  • Situational nerve pain resulting from cervical radiculopathy; that is, a nerve-branch pinched where it exits the spinal column. This cannot be managed by meds that wouldn’t otherwise impair my mind or coordination. The pain can go from almost non-existent to extreme in an instant depending on how I move or position myself. It can be a little tingle, or a thick flow of electric lava. Thankfully (and thanks to modern science), the majority of my day is comfortable.

    Here’s a handy-dandy visual aid:


  • Limited mobility; both in terms of my head / neck / shoulder (until I take relaxers and anti-inflammatories, I can’t even hold my head up), but also in terms of how that affects getting around town - driving is a challenge all of the sudden. I can do it, but it’s excruciating and/or causes crazy numbness, so now I only drive when totally necessary.

  • Loss of strength and articulation (and the worsening of an existing tremor) in my dominant hand - this is the one that actually kind of scares me, for obvious reasons. At least for my own mind, pain is more simply overcome than compromised functionality.

  • The worst part might be how it affects sleep. Let’s just say the most painful part of my day is laying down, and getting up out of bed.

Still, I am mostly content and in high spirits. I have an MRI tomorrow that will inform the next steps for treatment, and it feels good to be doing something about and having forward progress with the whole situation.

In celebration… I think it only appropriate to build a new keeb.


Nerve impingement by the nucleus pulposus due to herniation of the annulus ring. I can’t say exactly I know your pain because never felt it… But we study it and see clinical presentations and patients… It can be very debilitating. Stay strong great person. It can and hopefully will be fixed soon. There are medications for it but as you said… They alter your alertness and cognition. At worst it requires corrective surgery, which modern medicine has made into a very successful procedure. The tremors and immobility and weakness stem from the nerve being impinged. As it gets corrected, you will not feel these and they are very rarely permanent, if left untreated for very long.

So don’t you worry. It’s a struggle and I can somewhat sympathize with your pain even though it’s not my pain. It’s going to get corrected and fixed and you will be back to thumping away at your expensive Keycaps in no time.
Cheers :clinking_glasses:


So… Like most days recently, it’s going OK. :slightly_smiling_face:
There’s a lot to be happy about. I have a roof over my head, food to fill me, clean water to drink, largely perfect health and body to support me, a sound mind to think with and a drive to function everyday.
I am pretty involved with a few things these days apart from work. College classes and assignments happen online. I have to go for rotations for COVID 19, 24 hours per week is mandatory and I do 48 more voluntarily. Makes me happy to be able to make someone smile even when they suffer. I am happy I went against most people and chose to pursue medicine.
I also have my first GB keyboard to look forward to so I spend a lot of time researching and learning and getting ready for it! Everyone knows here how much I keep bugging them XD. I also have a PC setup for my room planned so seriously stoked about that too!
I had a breathing issue for a while now, and quite a few fractures ribs. That issue got much better this year and I have finally picked up my martial arts and exercise back up and can see myself getting back into shape. More to be happy about!
Then there’s the person I love. Amazing human she is. Keeps me happy all the time just by being with me. We can’t meet up at all due to COVID but talking is enough. Gaming is another hobby I seriously love… And that is going pretty good these days!

The not so good parts are what is going on. Government not ready to recognize we are under a health crisis, no lock downs, no measures. College is waiting for some policy for our exams this year… Everything is uncertain.
And then there’s my own family issues. Everyone has them but they sure tax you emotionally and physically… Mine are a bit too close and related to me so I have to bear them everyday. Fathers are figures of support, a bad one can really ruin you.

So yeah… I tend to stay happy and at ease mostly. Issues come… Have to handle them anyway. Do worry about them, but can’t escape someone that close to you. So handling and biding my time :ok_hand:t2:

And of course… Loving my Atlas💕


I’m good today! I watched the Alexotos streams and it was nothing but love. I’m riding those good vibes through the rest of this day.

Wow Deadeye - hope your MRI can give some good clear direction forward. That stuff is tricky and painful. My wife has had to deal with issues for years due to herniated disks, generally she manages well but once in a while just flattens her. Definitely appropriate to build a new keeb :rofl: - or given what I’ve seen in the short time I’ve been following the community, get the drip of serotonin for ordering a GB and starting the months-long wait :slight_smile:

Goa - totally with you on the frustration of Floridians not taking things seriously. I’m currently just north of Naples, a few hours from you. Basically stay in all the time but it can be nerve-wracking just making a grocery run. I actually live in Brooklyn, which has better numbers now than when I left, but even with worsening numbers here at least I can step outside and get air and go for a walk without running into people (or sharing elevators, etc). Good luck with the interviews!

Since the pandemic hit I “discovered” the mech keeb community, dove in and started reading and learning. I fully admit that it’s been my escape from reality; there are so many details and things to learn, it’s a deep enough rabbit hole it can keep me well distracted.

Kasuka - doing covid rotations?! Good work and thank you. I have to ask - were the fractured ribs from martial arts?


Actually got a car dropped on me… Long story. :joy:

new keeb new keeb new keeb @Deadeye. I suffer from something similar and i also have scoliosis but i have to remember to keep my shoulders in a good position. otherwise I start looking like quasimodo as my Fiancee would say. celebrate anything with a new keeb.


good stuff! I tend to miss all the streams haha. I just wait for them to be uploaded and watch when i have time.

Totally agree with you. It is all about perspective. looks like you have a lot to look forward too! What are you gaming on these days. I no longer have time for games nor the skills i used to but I still am curious what people are playing. Like they say you can choose your friends but not your family. I personally do not have a great relationship with mine, but being away from them has helped said relationship immensely. Love the Atlas! Sadly I cannot use 40% keebs anymore. My hands are too big for them and cause cramping.

thanks @phitz I got a call a little while ago and they are going to send me an offer letter! Best part is, its remote :heart_eyes: