How does KT look for people with large monitors?

I am using a regular 27in monitor and I was wondering if others who were using widescreen/large monitors were also seeing a lot of empty space on the sides

  • I’m using a widescreen monitor and it looks like that
  • I’m using a widescreen monitor and it doesn’t look like that
  • I’m using a normal, fairly large monitor and it looks like that
  • I’m using a normal, fairly large monitor and it doesn’t look like that

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Not that I ever maximize browser windows on my monitor, but I can confirm that at 3440x1440, this site looks hilarious.

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its a complaint I have of all modern sites stupid skinny

@PyroL what size monitor?

It’s the same as if you zoomed out.
But i don’t know how it could be fixed. :clock930:

Hilarious is an understatement. But it’s the perfect size for one of the smaller windows I keep in the corners.

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thats pretty much what I do. half the screen with discord on my secondary 1080p screen

if i move it to the main monitor I zoom at like 150%

I’ll look tonight to see if mine does that, but I usuall have it on one of my side monitors that are smaller, so it doesn’t look too bad. My widescreen monitor is reserved for games and browsing mostly.

I use an ultrawide monitor and I never maximize anything, I have no idea why you would. All websites look like crap at that width, literally all of them. But this one looks better than most, since it locks it width down (which is definitely the best practice). Optimally there should never be any text on the web that is wider than 75 characters.


locking the width isnt the issue I see, the fact that its locked so small is what irks me, you have decently wasted space even at 1080p

The thing is it’s locked to the correct width. There is extensive research into optimal reading width and this is it.


I could open and read KT three times next to each other on my 4k setup if maximized the browser window, but a lot of times its running windowed and its fine.

24" @ 1080p and 15.6 @ 4K

Yes and no. My main monitor is a 27" 1440p monitor, and it is the only one in landscape mode. But I use displayFusion and have it “cut up” into sections, so I don’t have this issue, at all.

If you make line length too long you decrease readability.


Just for fun, if one KT isn’t enough.

DisplayFusion at 4K with 8 virtual screens


Mine looks like that on my 27 inch monitor. I wonder how this would look on a 35 inch ultrawide. I am using a 27" 4k. I will be switching to a single 1440p 35" UW.

I think I will need to learn using multi windows

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I’m still on a 1920x1080 monitor, so there’s not that much empty space on the sides even if I maximize my browser window. I don’t like to maximize, though, so it looks fine normally :slight_smile:

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