How Fast Do You Type?


Just showing off, hehe! I was lucky that day that all the ultra-fast typists were sleeping. My higher score is 140 and I never succeed to go higher. Any tips to continue improving?


Best ever on 10ff is 160, but usually I’m averaging around 145. As far as tips (assuming you’re already trying to properly touch type), I’d say identify the words that you know you are bad at, or you type in a way that comes from habit and not from efficiency. Open notepad and type that word over and over again, starting slow and trying to recognise the pattern that your fingers make, rather than the individual presses. Build up speed slowly, kinda like learning a musical instrument.


@Malenky Ross you type more than twice as fast as I do, really need to get my shit together.


Typing bootcamp next meetup?


Damn, you guys are fast. If I’m really in the zone, I hit around 100-110.


@Malenky For sure. Might need more than a bootcamp to get me to a reasonable speed :grin:


I hunt and peck at 15 words per minute

No regrets


first edition keebtalk typeracer tourney with twitch stream when??


I’m at 115 wpm, but I think I’m going to try making the switch to Colemak.

I’m going to say I type at an optimistic 5 wpm.


Currently learning to touch type; 50 wpm in qwerty layout, 5 wpm in Colemak. :cry:


Just tried and got 96 with 2 messups.

I recently bought one of these in hopes that I could improve my finger dexterity and that would lead to faster typing and less mistakes.


Nice! I’m at around 55-60wpm as I just started a few months ago myself. It’s a skill that will last a lifetime and I’m so happy I decided to make the change.


My pal @choobies is working on a typing-speed blog. @ramnes maybe you guys should collab


Man… and I was happy I got this last night…



All you folks need to learn a thing or two from her:


i think standardizing your finger positions will really help as far as accuracy goes; better accuracy = better average speed most of the time. try to use all your fingers so every keystroke you make follows the principle of least effort, there are a lot of incredibly fast typists who type with their fingerings all over the place, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow them

i used to be able to burst up to 240 wpm in short phrases but my accuracy was all over the place, now i’m nowhere near as fast in short bursts, but i’m much more consistent overall, which is a lot more important imo


the god of fast typing @actualglacier has arrived


Only 85–95 on average. :frowning:

I’ve plateaued pretty hard. I don’t think I’ve measurably improved in over 3 years.


pfft, nah i’m nowhere near as fast as some of the properly fast typists on geekhack, linkbane and sifo just to name a few, those two are insane ;p

i can hold my own on short bursts against those people but NEVER on proper tests


I never get good results on typing tests. Reading to typing gets jumbled in my hands. Typing extemporaneously tends to go faster, but I’m usually sub-100 wpm on tests, sometimes by a lot.