How Fast Do You Type?


I’m at around 65 wpm with Norman and QMK’s Auto Shift enabled.


I generally type around 90 WPM.


75 - 80 usually, but I swap keycaps/switches so often that it can fluctuates down to 55.


90 - 105 depending on how familiar my fingers are with the board


Her? Wrong link right?


My max is 135 wpm on I use a lot of wrong fingers for keys tho, feel like I would be quicker if I learned proper typing haha.


What do you mean?


This was what was linked.




i’m over 9000.


Daaang, that is mighty impressive. I normally fall between 100-115 WPM, but my accuracy is about 98% :frowning:


105ish. PB of 110. Can’t get higher.


Demn I meant to reply to @TaehaTypes. Not sure what happened.


I get around 75 using QWERTY, haven’t tried any other layout.


Oh hell, I bought a set of COC (Captains Of Crush) grippers and now I pound my keycaps into plastic dust.

Just kidding, but I can close the #1.5. Hasn’t done a thing for my typing skills, but I presume that eventually my fingers will have ABS PBT.


I wish we knew what happened to the .5 and 1 set of those. I’d love to work with them again.

On topic though, I type at around 30 words a minute due to my unorthodox typing style. I’m somewhere between chryrosan and standard touch typing and I really think that’s what slows me down so much. I’m also too lazy to actually fix it and it’s good enough for 90% of what I do on the computer anyway.


The #1 is in my bag. I use it every day to relieve stress. I don’t know what you did with the weenie #.5, maybe you should go look for it.

And it is true that you have no typing form, and since touch typing isn’t going to make you better at Rainbow 6, you’re unlikely to ever acquire it. Proper technique requires months of persistent effort and the only real payoff is the ability to drunk shitpost. A silly prize, for sure.


To be fair shitposting at your level requires a level of understanding of the English language that I’ll never have. Your drunken rants are a thousand times better at making a point then I’m capable of when I’m being serious and completely sober.


I think the clickbar style Kailh keyswitches can improve your WPM by maybe 10 WPM. Its nothing compared to actually practicing, but I do feel that the linear pushforce is complimented nicely by the sharp spike+click upon activation. A stronger weighted spring might feel even better but I haven’t tried those yet. I spent a day switching between browns and the clickbar on typing tests and consistently did better on the clickbar switches even though I had less experience with that keyboard.

This is just one anecdote though.

p.s. I type at 90-100wpm


I get about the same speeds on my Box Navy boards as I do on my Model M.


At my best? 90-95wpm.
At my worst I am at 60, might be lower, depending on how much caffeine I have in my system.