How Fast Do You Type?



On average, I think I’m about 60-70. I keep telling myself that one day I’ll relearn to type properly (I don’t hunt & peck but I think my fingers aren’t hitting the optimal keys they are supposed to), but never get around to re-learning.

Anyone have suggestions for programs to use to help relearn typing?


No joke, I’m pretty sure the program that is the most responsible for my typing speed is AOL Instant Messenger (sadly defunct now).

Since AIM is unavailable, I think is pretty good for training.


I am only at 50-65…but that is fine by me honestly. I am better at other things…


I recommend or :slight_smile:


My PR! I average around 150 on 10FF. I love talking about speed typing :slight_smile:


30 second run that i still can’t beat



a question to fast typers: do you use proper touchtyping techniques? i have rather weak pinkies so when i need to hit buttons that my pinkies normally should, i slightly shift my entire hand so that the key is hit by one of the other fingers, mainly the ringfinger. this results in me making a lot of mistakes when going at full speed (~95 WPM at my best).

is this something i can fix or do i gotta deal with it?


Consider whether you can’t use your pinkies, or you just prefer not to (perhaps out of habit). Like are the switches so heavy that your pinkies have trouble pushing down the keys?

I use my ring fingers in for the pinkie keys pretty often, such as with Q, Z, P, Backspace, and sometimes A. For me, It doesn’t require a hand shift, just a slight rotation. If you want to use ring fingers, try rotating your hand instead of shifting it. I do it either because it’s easier to reach the key that way, or because I only use LShift (which I press with the pinkie).


  • ‘Q’ - Pressing this with pinkie requires me to essentially flatten my hand to reach it. That, or shift my entire wrist position, which is definitely not preferred. Using ring here is easy.
  • Capital ‘Q’, ‘A’, or ‘Z’ require me to use the ring finger to type those keys when I’m hitting LShift with my left pinkie.
  • Double letters, such as ‘pizza’, are easier to type with the stronger ring finger.



Nice! Interesting, how did you get it to say “words per two minutes”? Took a two-minute test? But then why would it still say WPM… so many questions :thinking:


the power of “right click”, “Inspect”


ah sorry i should’ve provided more info. i have hypermobility which affects my two pinkies and my right ringfinger, so i have much less motor control over them compared to the rest of my fingers (e.g. i can quickly tap 45454545 back and forth with my left middle and index fingers just fine, but can only do so very slowly for asasasa with my left pinkie and ringfinger).

for my left hand i can and do rotate my hand/wrist as you describe, but it’s not feasible for my right hand because only 3 of 5 fingers are ‘functional’. a simple word that i have trouble with, for example, is “formula” which requires me to shift my right hand all over the place to hit “o”, “m”, “u” and “l” without using my right ringfinger

edit: i can hit “l” with my right ringfinger, but not “o”. in general my right hand has very poor technique, as i routinely hit “u” with my middle finger and “i” with my index finger, but when i need to write UI i hit them with the correct fingers…


Usually around 100-110wpm on something like but I have always found that my typing speed is pretty much never the limiting factor to getting things done with my keyboard–my brain is always slower :stuck_out_tongue:

The main benefit for me of learning how to touch type was not necessarily typing speed but allowing typing to be a seamless experience and not an impediment to my train of thought.