How to dampen screw-in stabilizers?

I have a new keyboard build that uses Zilents v2 67g and every key in it is perfectly quiet yet bumpy. this is a soldered board. With the space bar, I have taken the precaution to lube the screw-in stabs real good and even used the band-aid mod successfully … The space bar is silent on the way down, but the stabs seem to hit on the way back up and that is driving me nuts. Any suggestion for what I can try in order to dampen the stabs?

I usually just put a ton of lube in there

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@Walkerstop, put a video up on this thread with a pretty wild way of silencing the upstroke of stabs. Never tried it myself, but it might be something that compliments silent switches?


Buffer the impact point:

  • Lube the impact point on the stab - easy to apply and replenish later using a brush.
  • Use QMX clip on the switch - reduces key travel so the switch will hit before the stab.

Reduce the force of impact:

  • Reduce spring weight
  • Increase keycap weight by filling it in (heavy foam, epoxy, etc)
  • Use a tactile switch with a large bump (like Halo)