How to install a solenoid in KBDFans 8x


The instructions are almost the same as this guide:

You can get the solenoid here:

You can get the source code to my kbd8x firmware with solenoid enabled here, from my QMK fork:

Here is a video of the solenoid in action (keyboard not yet assembled):

I’ll do a build stream later where I assemble the keyboard with switches and stabs and everything and see how the solenoid sounds with it all put together. I’ll post a video of that too.


I love this! Thanks so much for putting this together :slight_smile:


@Walkerstop you legend - def going to build this into my Hyper 7 somehow!!

Yeah, I bought a pack os stuff to do this, I just need to get around to adding it to a board!

Also, we need to add this as a core feature to QMK. Not just in your keymap. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! Got my percent canoe pcb to be solenoided with this guide.

But I have to make a few notes here, trying to adapt the source code for the KBD8X for the canoe didn’t seem to work for me, specifically the digitalWrite() function,
I ended up including “gpio.h” and using writePinHigh(), writePinLow(), and setPinOutput() from QMK’s documentation guide on IO controls.

Sorry for necro-ing an ancient post, but so far this guide was the only one I could find about adding solenoids to QMK keyboards, so I’d thought I’d leave the notes for how I had to change my approach to get it to work here just in case it helps others!